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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stem Cells and Baby Theft 04 18 2013

Stem Cells and Baby Theft 04 18 2013
Last night on the news there was a segment where by an aborted baby was found wrapped in a blanket at the Laundromat for the hospital.
To me that looks like that dead baby was trying to be "snuck" out of the hospital.  But why would someone do this?
I would not have even known about the occult nature of stem cell research if it wasn’t for George Bush deciding to ban it.  As soon as he decided to ban it I started to think about it and build reference points with regard to understanding why.
Stem cells are cells of creation that can be used to help repair other cells.  Research applications have proven them to have the ability to heal sickness because of this life giving factor of them.  I also came across an article once whereby I read that someone told Adolf Hitler that wealthy English Jewish bankers sacrificed babies.
The Bible tells us in the early chapters, “Thou shall not eat of the flesh with the life blood still in it.”  I also asked myself what the modern science could be behind the logic of that.   And here is the answer.  What we know about viruses is that they are strands of animal DNA that can change human DNA.  We are all said to have some residual animal DNA in us.  Can eating the flesh with the life blood still in it make you sick?  Can residual DNA or acquired DNA make you sick?  There was a woman who got a case of psychosis.  She ended up having the mind of an animal.  In order to treat her, she was in a fugue in the hospital bed for a month, the doctors concocted a pure plasma from 100 blood donors and replaced as much of her blood with it as possible.  And she is doing well.
It does give some validity behind the motivation of the legend of vampirism doesn’t it?  Desperate people with animal minds seeking the blood of the pure and rational human being!
Which gets me to my next point.  If you indeed consider the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to be the end of the story of the Bible and take a look at the story we have surrounding it what do you find.  That Jesus Christ, a Jew, offered a cup of wine to his disciples and told them to think of it as if it were his blood!  Doesn’t make much sense does it?  And what is the crucifixion?  It is the nailing of a person on the cross to die and dry out in the outside air.  That is how they cure meat isn’t it!  (and indeed the best meat is cured for two weeks.)  But what is the point?  A priest once said that they never found the body of Jesus Christ!  Which brings up the next question.  Was there cannibalism at the time of the Roman Empire?  Did the poor come to feed on the dead bodies after they had dried in the sun?  If there was our history books have never told us about it much.  And who writes the history books?  Do they come from England much like all revisions to the dictionary used to come?  And what was England?  It was the capital of Druid Religion.  Bingo all the bad stuff of the occult in one place.
The archetype of the person of the beast mind is very prevalent in the Bible.  And indeed what really put Jesus on the cross was when one of his disciples cut off the ear of the son of a San Hedrin.  What is the symbolism behind that?  You can’t listen to what I am saying to you or understand me so why do you need that ear?  Also fits the archetype of Satan not having its own mind and being able to read the minds of men~ The criminal motivation being if you can do the latter what do you need that ear for?
Drink wine as if it is my blood.  Cannot make much more of a statement that transcends history than that.  And that is the core belief of the Catholic Church.  Just take a step back and think of the Gestalt of that.  A five year could figure that one out.  But what if a five year old with the mind equivalent to that of an animal learned of something like that and interpreted to mean the impetus to demonize and cannibalize others?  Look around you and make a commentary on general intelligence today if you have the perspective to compare it to what is was 40 years ago for the answer to that.
So indeed polluted genes can cause a form of mental disease also known as illness.
So what do they do with a dead baby and why?  Do they use the general stem cells to reinvigorate their lives?  I once read on the internet how the Chinese were selling pills from babies remains turned into a powder.
I am not pro-life for the justification reason that dead babies can be used for their stem cells by the occult.  There is no convincing evidence that children who are adopted are treated well!  If the occult want to eat babies they also want to treat adopted children sadistically! 
God’s favorite children?
Have you ever seen the archetype of the man that has the mind of a child and yet great strength?  They someone’s act drunk without being drunk and you wonder how they got that way?  More on this in a bit.
Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Poland~ these are all countries in the region where the legend of Vampirism STEMS from.  I only mention this because they have been hot spots of trouble in world history or contention countries.  And I have to ask the question if the reason for it is that there is desperation related to a polluted human DNA that can be cured by plasma infusion?
People go missing every day at an alarming rate!!!  What happens to them?  They are never really found are they!  I have to ask the horrific question, “Are they eaten by members of the occult who have the minds of animals!” 
Genetically speaking a human cannibal of babies would be different.  Not only that would the occult reinvigoration of life give them the vitality and soul of a child?  I am not anti- semetic.  I believe this is an issue that transcends and populates all religions and creeds of the world (for when I make my next point related to the beginning of this paragraph.)~  Is that why God called a certain tribe Gods favorite Children!
Evil really knows no limits.  Next question~  Do we really need to worry about steroid use in professional athletes as much as occult vampirism of stem cells from babies being devoured by them in various forms to boost strength and vitality?  And how do we ever test for that?????
(I have to be fair to George Bush and give him credence on the issue.)
The same race that asserts the validity of “hearing their voices” as a true medical illness is the one that is “eating” all the people that go missing?  It sure seems to reconcile all the evil actions of world history!
And who were the first cannibals likely to be?  Wanderers and gypsies! Did you ever have your father get so disgusted at you whereby he couldn’t look at you?  That disappointment is a very strong behavior modifier.  It reminds me of the God from the Bible who lived in the tent and essentially said, “Just leave the blackened burnt meat out front of the tent you worshippers of the golden hind.”  Gypsies and wanderers being more prone to need an unsuspecting roadside protein meal (for lack of better articulation?)
Hind brings up the topic of luxuria in this article.  Are there men and women that get the animal mind by performing felatio and cunnilingus(and Sodomy)?  No doubt.  Sure they may seem smart and all but what if at some point in their lineage they were there with a goat?  Can someone acquire a goat mind by performing oral sex on carrier of the goat gene?  There is no doubt in my mind!

Are there races and religions that seem to be indoctrinated with the Occult?
1.       Headhunters of the various worlds jungles
2.       Voodoo and Vondoon religion.  (Also know the dangers of live chicken blood that is used in the practice.)
3.       Those who believe in having a third eye.
4.       Those who believe in unaccountability for their life’s actions- Lutherans.
5.       Those with odd rights of passage with origin unexplained to the public (Judaism Barmitsva)
6.       Religions that believe in spells and Lesbian and Gay Marriage (Wiccans are the only ones!) Think about that in relation to Barrack Obama and the current agenda.
7.       Those that believe in torture and crucifixtion (hidden identity in Catholicism and Judeaism)
8.       Those that believe religion to be an extension of royal monarchy- Protestant and its branches.  England was the land of druids and castles with dungeons or plots.
9.       Those who disobey the Bible and consume flesh with the life blood still in it, Japan and Sushi.  Plus many other cultures.
10.   Those who believe in zombification- Nazi Germany and the United States.  (Oddly enough no one on television can ever figure out why foreign countries don’t like the United States.  Not something we should ever have to worry our pretty little heads about today.)

(Interestingly enough Republican Mitt Romney said he didn’t care much for women and that is the same view point as Muslims.  Not only that it was exactly what Osama Bin Laden thought of American Women!)

11.   Religions that promote the poison of alcohol as an introduction to other drugs?  Judea/Christian and the offering, promotion and example of wine.
12.   Religions that promote false talents (God in the Bible said, “Thou shall not worship false idols.”  Promoting false idols was a big no no in the Bible.  And the notion of acting like something that you are not as the equivalent of achievement?  Channeling by sitcom and television writers as a form to develop story ideas!  Also promoting athleticism as the pinnacle of achievement and monetary reward rather than intelligence based achievements.
13.   Stem cells?  If they are present in babies then they are also present in sperm?   Is that the motivation for gays?  Is that odd mal influence to genetics the reason gays are created in the first place?  Is consumption of sperm or sodomy of sperm the reason some children grow faster than others?  (Or what about ovum too!)
14.   Those that deny all the ill health effects of modern chemistry- ie corporations!  Chemistry being an extension of useless druids and their alchemy in Europe! Chemistry has created more illnesses than it ever cured!!!!  Should the archetype of some type of person be prevented from profiting from chemistry?  Yes!  Should all chemistry be made not for profit?  Yes! Absolutely.
15.   Are some athletes given stem cells or equivalent to boost their performance and vitality without even knowing it? 
The only validity with regard to religion is that it defines and exposes who would practice them on people?  I have zero tolerance for this!!!!  Molesting boys is not a charitable action.  Nor is protecting white collar financial criminals who pool their money to their religion. That could lead to an even greater economic depression and orchestrated genocide!
Maybe if they didn’t give them the wine they would have eaten flesh?  Were there people who ate the meat of the crucified?  It wouldn’t be in the history books.  The Vatican library would know.  Okay Pope Francis send a guy down there to find it.  I already know what they were, The Holy Roman Emperor Caligula’s favorite meal was to tie someone upside down and chew off his testicles.
The earliest forms of religion were really a means to govern tribes and ensure yourself  a leadership power position.  On that basis the United States Constitution is the best Religion.  Revelation.  That is what the founding father meant by the right to practice religion!   They thought that you might figure it out someday!
If our founding fathers were alive today they would add quite a bit more to the Consittution! 
I figure I have a little time before the drop out high school drug addict that found a profitable job wearing a white coat comes and gets me. (Won’t mention any names to validate it.)
I really do not like writing any of this!  When I start to write works of fiction that might earn me a livelihood the auditory noise of the beast prevents me.  So this is what I end up writing.  When I was in college I could made profitable investment after profitable stock investment with money I made from working part time at a gas station.  I have a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and passed the CPA exam the first time that I took it after graduating from college. I actually believed that I would be a millionaire by the time I was 30.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  Think of the mocking voice of a woman from the parable of the talents telling you that she can decide who has the talents and who doesn’t.  Sounds like the reason communism started.  That same beast of a woman wanted to be able to choose who would be good at what!
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Maybe bringing peace to the world is as simple as many of us who have our own human minds contributing blood for transfusions to those who do not.

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