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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Parable of the False Talents 04 28 2013 Upd #2

The Parable of the False Talents 04 28 2013

The mocking narrator or voice in the Parable of the Talents, from the Bible, tells of how it decides who has the talents and who doesn’t!
The real Parable of the Talents is that even though some are prevented from using their own talents others did not actually receive them.  But for some reason to the eye of the public it seems like they do.
Ask yourself this how smart can a child that eats lead paint get?  Like it or not their potential is limited; you are not going to trust your life to them even though you tell yourself differently in a salvage of hopes?  (“A Salvage of Hopes” would indeed be a good name for a novel.)  For that very same reason we know that the wine laced with lead drinking Romans did not build the Roman Architecture and neither did the San Hedrin of Israel.  There are likely only about 1% of the population today that can think of and construct innovative things of greatness.  You can’t transfer talents to a lead wine primate!  The reason they drank it in the first place is because they know their brains aren’t as good.  It is like the kid who hits itself in the head for being stupid! (Or takes or pushes drugs.)
Okay so I cannot type at home because there is a vibration in the air that makes it hard for me to focus.  And when I put on a neck brace, to steady my head, like someone who got whip lashed in a car accident I can type at home?  (I have no trouble typing anywhere else by the way!)  It is a less than lethal ultrasonic weapon.  When you hear some old man, from your former writing group who was jealous of you to the point he cried when you read your short stories, boasting about how his son is an acoustics engineer it is time to wonder? (surname Landwier)What did they use on Manuel Noriega circa 1989??

It appears we have a very ancient race of backward people among us doesn’t it?  Isn’t it about time you come forward and admit what you have done to the rest of the world?  That would be the manly thing to do wouldn’t it?  That would!  We’ve been fooled by the greatest fraudsters in the history of the world!  There should be massive wealth redistribution because of this.  It has very bad implications of what Homeland Security means doesn’t it!  Time to tell the world who your real Elohim's are?

It is criminal harassment in the United States and against U.S. law!  And are you trying to tell me it is legal to torture in the U.S.?  Are you trying to tell me that our Constitution allows it?  You live in a lead wine world don’t you?  It is a crime against humanity anywhere it the world and punishable by the death penalty!  If you are a leader of a foreign country all current U.S. television personalities are likely to be guilty so upon travel to your country they can be tried and convicted?
If you put this one to the test you will see that I am right!  Believe me, they (Satanic mindless) know what they have done and who they are!  Don’t mention whose name they are to say they are.  Just tell them they have a choice of confessing or facing the consequences for participating in the world crime!  They also have had brain scanning technology since 2001 that could be used to prove what I say but they quietly put this notion on the dusty shelf so people don’t bring it up.  They are likely to use it to find new victims in the future though, but there will be no future because of them.  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.
“Good morning Gorilla.  You’ll take care of all of us won’t you Gorilla?”

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Here is a picture of the device that I saw.       The Cornucopia

So we know that lead paint kids are useless and that means that lead winer's didn't design and build all that Roman Architecture so what did they do?  They took credit for it!  

PS. Do you know what they will say in the future?  That residents of Waukesha Wisconsin liked to spike their water with Radium!!!!

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