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Friday, April 19, 2013

When Men Should Supplement With Iron 04 19 2013

When Men Should Supplement With Iron 04 19 2013

It is important for men to supplement with iron in the third week of the month, from the time date of about 16th of the month through the 22nd.

The explanation does not make much sense other than to say that if "She" doesn't supplement at this time of the month maybe if you do you will benefit from it?

The phrase Beware the Ides of March comes into play.  Why?  Because if you do indeed believe that some women do not have their own souls then they would be more likely to have their period around the time that the tidal and seasonal forces are the greatest and those are around the 21st of the month.

And if you do indeed believe that the true pain of a woman's period stems from the separation of the ova from the ovary during the period being related to a separation and parting of her soul at that time you can indeed see why they are under so much pain.  Now if you take a woman that did not have much of a sense of self to begin with the pain of separation of the parting of that soul and the feeling of  never being her self like she was again would be horrific!

And what happens next?  Like salmon swim upstream to spawn she too cries out to creation at this time.

She is following what she believes to be the "matching principal" when she caterwauls and you hear it!

 Believe it or not some of us MEN hear it and feel that pain!!!!!  It is deafening! So if "she", whoever she may be, may not even live in your house, doesn't take that iron, maybe if you do you will receive the benefit.  Iron is lost in her menses and she is making a connection to you?

That is my thoughts on the matter and I know well indeed that most people would think that is the craziest thing anyone ever wrote.  I know that!  But I wrote it anyway!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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