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Monday, April 22, 2013

When to urge a loved one to seek psychiatric care 04 22 2013

When to urge a loved one to seek psychiatric care 04 22 2013

I am quite convinced that if you loved one has the desire to breath clean air and does so in a manner that is disturbing to you then you need to urge that loved one to seek psychiatric care.

A love one should only be able to manifest the symptoms of seeking and enjoying clean air in the mannerisms of a cigarette!  Any initiative that they seek with regard to the notion of clean air should  indeed spark a concern for them in the warmest of concerned family members hearts.

They are indeed at the highest risk for a psychotic break and meltdown if you see them breathing in fresh air as if it were a cigarette!  Be very concerned if you see this behavior being acted out without a freshly lit cigarette!

Also if they start to cite how minute levels of man made chemicals might be harmful to human health also be very concerned.  Our major employers, U.S. Corporations have spent a great deal of money disproving any such belief so based on their scientific evidence that has been validated by the United States government they are indeed talking in delusion!  And delusion is indeed a sign of mental illness!  If they are denying anything that they have been told what so ever it might also be a warning sign to look for.  And if they have beliefs in themselves that you yourself do not support that is indeed a Red Flag!  Watch out if they have beliefs in themselves that you do not support!  And it does not matter if they have proven their capability to themselves or others.  You have to disregard any instance of that as if it never happened.  Do not let them build a premise of belief in themselves based on prior achievements!  It could be very dangerous for them!  As a matter of fact any aspect of them taking initiative and desiring to achieve may very well be a sign of mental illness.  What is the important element is that you judge them based on your own capabilities and not theirs. 

And never ever let them believe that they are capable of Satire. Do not be lazy yourself with regard to them, research the origin of the word satire.

A Search for the Origin of Satire

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