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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why do I write this spiritual based writing 04 20 2013

Why do I write this spiritual based writing?
Because I know without a doubt that schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  And because I know it is a fraud I have to ask myself why the spirits of people who I hear the voices of are with me?  Why are they with me?  It cannot be said to be involuntary.  So there must be a reason that they are with me.  The Bible is very relevant to this aspect of spiritualism.  So I explore every aspect of history to figure out and understand why.  Maybe in the process I will free them from being with me or vice versa.  The Bible mentions that at some time people will be free from bondage.
What I notice living in Milwaukee though is that they voices are stronger during the game hours of Milwaukee Brewers baseball games and Green Bay Packers football games and Horse Racing.  Oprah once interviewed a man in prison who sexually molested a woman and saw her whole life pass before her.  So indeed if my mind is being molested during these games is it helping those teams to win?  Is there a monetary reason for this I ask.  And then I think of the gambling.  The reason cannot be just for the team to win so the city receives more revenue from the professional sports merchandising.  There has to be an aspect of gambling involved.
So if there is sum/certain or perfect gambling involved it means that a massive amount of money is being made in the United States from it.  That money has to be being laundered!  And how would it be laundered?  It would have to involve the bookings of fake profit and losses from financial instruments.  How easy would that be to do?  Very easy.  It would be done by using offshore Investment firms tied to accounts from offshore gambling houses.   And an organized crime element of the socialite class would be involved.
So this is one for both the IRS and the SEC to get their noses in.  As well as the FBI.  I can tell you that I saw what the device that is used to drive people from their minds looks like and where it is located.  Read my article about Aurora health care.
So why would it be used during Professional sports?  Why drive a person from their mind during professional sports?  Can there be another reason?  What if the players are hired because they have no soul of their own?  If this were the case then they would have a greater level of ability when the soul of someone is being driven from them?  What does it mean to drive a soul from someone?  It means to use technology that interferes with the electrical synapses in their brain and prevents them from thinking.  People do not have seizures for no reason.  And indeed I had a friend whose sister worked for the FBI and what he told me way back in 1991 was that the FBI had a device that could freeze someone in its place.  His Uncle was the Chairman of M&I Bank.  (He mentioned if you were trying to rob Fort Knox or something like that.  But he did not say it in a convincing manner.  The something like that is what applies then!)  It is like giving those who are with someone a break or vacation from being with them by preventing them from having to listen to that one human soul.  Are there Jews who are not Jews involved?  Yes and I am not afraid to say so!  And the Bible documents it very well in the Parable of the Talents!
I am telling you if you are able to crack this network you will have unveiled one of the greatest frauds in the history of the earth!  It is of Epic Proportion!
And when I ask myself why people are with me?  I can only come up with one conclusion.  For some reason they were born without their own minds.  They don’t have their own souls.  The only reason for it could be that they were subjected to a poison like alcohol or tobacco during conception or while in the womb.  Unless of course they are genetically different from me and we have not learned why or have been prevented from learning why. But every schizophrenic that hears voices hears them from more than one person and indeed they can be on a schedule of who is to speak to them?  I have seen those schedules being filled out and managed.  It was done at a Catholic Universities!  Do they have a cell phone network to base stations that are connected to nonlethal type weaponry?  Homeland Security would be able to tell you without a doubt!  But they are not either!  And Barracks wife was famous for saying that “Barrack does not mind all the voices and the chatter,” when she campaigned for him during the 2012 election.  Replay that footage, if you can find it, and you will see what I mean!  This is a very sophisticated operation!  And they do not earn their money and never have!
In the future some women should not be allowed to vote at all, and you know the ones that I am talking about.  Not only that you cannot be the citizen of a country if you are also the citizen of someone else’s soul.  At least not in the United States.  You can set up a new country to make it the way you want it, and be transparent about what your true nature is and how you victimize people~ but no-one would ever come there but you!  So it wouldn’t work.  You are free to practice religion in the United States but you do not have the right to deny people their constitutional rights as a matter of your religion!
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