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Friday, April 19, 2013

Your Mother 04 19 2013

Your Mother 04 19 2013
The beast makes bold statements and is indeed a conservative.  But what is the reasoning behind the “tough love” of the beast?  The reason that they are the way that they are is because if anyone knew the true nature of the beast and also cared for it- that caring for it would be a sign of weakness!
So the beast projects its own truths or its belief in its own weakness onto men.  In this regard the Satanic often criticize those adult sons who live with their mothers as weak.  The truth of the matter is quite to the contrary with regard to the satanic and their mothers and the females in their lives.  The Satanic mother is the beast from the Parable of the Talents from the Bible.  She never leaves them and they are dependent upon her and her coven to ruin the lives of men for their whole lifetime!  Without the beast of women coven ruing the lives of me the satanic “men” would be helpless in our world today!  They would not have any skills at all.  You would look at them and they would have blank expressionless faces indicating the inability to understand what it means to be human.
And every time the beast chants men from their minds and presumes to give these skills to her brood she takes humanity one step backwards towards the stone age.  That needs a little clarification; she does not transfer skills when she chants to men to prevent them from thinking she more or less does the following:
1.       Separates the mind of her beast brood from that of a man so that they can feel that they too are an individual.
2.       Accesses the mind of a man so that she can see into his future and look for opportunity.
3.       Creates a link to his mind so that her brood can “suckle” on his working mind as if he were their father.
4.       Prevents all progress in our world because progress does indeed come from the loving, caring and creating minds of men.  She prevents progress because when she brings the man a step backward by distracting him from working work is not perfected to the level of its true potential.  And her brood can never perfect work to its true potential because they do not have the true mind that created the ideas in the first place.  Good ideas are created from the premises of good souls they are not like the copy of a professional wrestling belt she can give to her son to hold above his head.  There is more to it than that. 
5.       Because those of the original ideas are prevented from being credited for them progress stalls.  Why?  It seems obvious to me, but you don’t give the kid in class who is wearing the dunce hat the Valedictorian award or money with regard to the accomplishments of those who are truly responsible for them.
Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  It dates back to before the time of Jesus Christ.  This country was founded by those who abhorred the evil minded.  But our modern country has fostered a great many evil minded as those who learned that because we had so many rights in the United States there were many opportunities to abuse those rights!
Because we had so many rights many of us were able to get ahead.  What happens when a child from the middle class is a lot smarter than a child that money could buy?  See above.
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