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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Profile of a College Campus Rapist all students graduating should read this 04 30 2013

Profile of a College Campus Rapist- all students graduating should read this.

When you think of the image of a college campus rapist think of the image that Patrick Swayze leaves in your mind.  Kind of blunt and muscular and looks like someone who doesn’t belong in a higher learning institute. They indeed look to be blue collar.  And if you are a college student you will see them frequent the same bars as you do.  And for some odd reason they know their way around campus.

I will never forget what an Italian man said to me when I graduated from college I worked for him at a Gas Station.  He said, “I did too, I was right there with you!”

I called him out on that and he hemmed and hawed and gave two different retreat from the argument type stories. I knew what he was implying and I wasn’t going to allow him assert it ever again.

Your college campus will indeed be at parties and you will talk to them and they do not even go to college.

What is going on in their skulls?  If I rape her she will only end up going home and we will never hear from it again.  But not only that you have to understand the nature of the Satanic mind as a Shadow person.  It is someone who does not have their own soul all of their life and is indeed a shadow of the thinking of someone else.  Once again with regard to our DNA we are 99.99% the same which implies that something went wrong with them.  And that something is likely alcohols influence on conception and natal development.

But anyhow I graduate from UW Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in Accounting and Finance and take a CPA review course.

My buddy from college is adamant that the one of the young men taking the review course was arrested for raping a woman with a baseball bat!!!  I can’t believe it so every once in a while I ask him for more details.  What am I believing?  I am believing that it is just that easy to spread a rumor and discredit someone.  But anyway he is sitting next to a beautiful blonde woman.  Lesson?  The Satanic work in pairs or sometimes teams. And the weasel lawyer makes the claim that she is sophisticated whereas….  But what does he look like?  The archetype of Patrick Swayze.  And don’t give me any antidefimation defense for Patrick I remember what he admitted to that amounted to sexual assault on a late night talk show.

So after college graduation some of us end up going to a paint ball game down at Paint Ball Daves.  Anyhow every time they hand out the guns I get the one with the lose barrel on the handle.  I was an expert marksman on the high school rifle team.  But here again was one of these blue collar type Milwaukee thugs who got left behind after High School on the others sides Paint Ball team.  For some reason this bastard always knew the exact moment I was going to pop my head up over that wall.  Every single time.  Not only that he shot me in the crotch once with that paint ball gun!

If you are out on a date with a girl you will also see these freaks, shadow people, appear out of nowhere and cause trouble.

So they know their way around campus and they have no reason being there.  They have to have connections.  But why?   Once again think of a race of shadow people who were never able to develop their own thinking.  And maybe they are even genetically different and our Government scientists don’t want them or us to know?  But I think it is more of an alcohol issue.

So if they work in pairs or teams what is the purpose of that?  Let’s you had a satanic woman form the home town of that college girl who was insanely jealous of her.  Indeed she was a shadow person to her and her thinking.  A literal member of her school of thought if you will!  She would be going nuts with depression because she is still in the small town and that girl is off doing well at college with ambition.

I am going to give you three or four family stories.

My mother was valedictorian of her Iowa High School class.  The doped her drink at graduation.

My father graduated from Marquette University and he went with a relative who he inspired to go to college to for a meal somewhere on Wisconsin Avenue and they both got food poisoning and almost died right after graduation.

Right after my graduation I had a man in a brown truck, with a two by four hanging out the back start following me in road rage.  I pulled over and told him to fuck off.  He started bellering at me like a stuck big.  He had a buzzhole Italian voice and his cheeks bloated up big bright red.  He had beady mean eyes.  He said something about him being a cope and this and that.  I swear to God if had a gun I might have shot him had he approached me this was way back in 1991.  He wasn’t a cop he was a psycho nut!  Anyhow I drove off and lost him.

What did my Italian friend Jimmy tell me when I was a boy?  He told me if you do something wrong and try to go down an alleyway or cut through yards they will always know where you are.

I asked him how they knew and he got kind of self-sore and hemmed and hawed and never wanted to tell me!

And I in know way want to implicate Police Officers with this.  There motto is to protect and serve and that is what it should be and they should stick to it.

I myself also then passed the CPA exam and went to work as an Equity Research Analyst in Milwaukee and then on the 96th floor of the Sears Tower at that time.  Right next to me was a refrigerator sized machine that put out some kind of a static electricity field that made it hard to concentrate.  But that was not all.  I started to hear voices in my Apartment.   They prevented me from sleeping for one whole year.  If you ever hear voices and they put you to the test like that remember this!  If you don’t sleep make sure to give them thinking reason so they cannot sleep either.  They will eventually have to throw in the towel!!!  Why because they will all be dying from exhaustion!  And there is no reason why they need to be a part of your soul.  They are not allowed to catch your rising star and never let go!  They are not allowed to covet your seed.

If you go to college you will also find the archetype of the very hot girl who will not talk to you!  She is a satanic cum leach.  Her job is to get you to whack off so that the Coven children or vampyr race can see through your eyes.  Once again we are told that we are all the same so there is no reason for this.  I am not the first to tell you of this.  The Irish band U2 wrote a song called Party Girl.  And in the movie Quadraphenia there is an archetype of the same type of soul stealing girl.  Honest to God it ought to be playing piece on the God Damned Chess Board!!!!  The song form The Who has the lyrics, well it is something about a girl who lives in a yellow house that he had sex with once and now she snubs him for someone else.  “Yesterday she passed me by she doesn’t want to know me know.  Yellow the metaphor for her being from a family of cowards.

What you will see is the girl flirt with you like you are campus Casanova or Mr. Bollywood and then some big dolt appear out of nowhere and threaten you!  And you cannot tell by looks.

It took me awhile to figure out what the term body bencher meant when concerning a woman.  It means a woman who sleeps with many men as a matter of a dating circle or socialite wealth circle or Law enforcement power circle.  I really don’t have anything against Police Officers.  I have a problem with shadow people being the source of all crime in the history of the world.

And who was the first to tell us of the Satanic sleeping groups?  It was indeed Jesus Christ who said that those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same body and those who all sleep with the same man are all of the same mind.  He also implied that even if you did not actually sleep with her you sinned in your heart and really did.  And that is what Procula had him killed for.  She said he gave her a terrible dream.  What is more likely the case is that the woman who would marry a Roman Emperor who were known to be like our modern Jeffery Dahmner (Chewing off live men’s testicles Caligula did this) had a cognitive developmental problem.  What do you think?  Roman women also lured men to them by using Bella Dona to dilate their eye’s to simulate the look of love.  Ust Jesus Jews are very hard to fool.  And what do we indeed know of Mary Magellan?  We know that indeed she was a Prostitute.  You want to get really freaked out?  Go look at any shrine of mother Mary at a Catholic  Seminary and what will you see?  A pile of skulls in front of her and indeed plastered and formed into the arch or her shrine?  Do you get the symbolism you literary pukes!  And not only that some looked like they are trapped in that mortar with faces of crying agony and horror.  Let’s see a prostitute had that done to them? On the flip side.  It is also written that Jesus licked her acoula?  Acoula means hole.  And what do we know about women who are gang raped?  They often say that everything was ruined and they cannot have children because of it!  So let’s pile up the skulls of those shadow people like it is supposed to mean?  You already know what opinion I am of.  I don’t have to hide it with a question mark do I?
Father food poisoned right after he graduated from Marquette University.  Dahmner would have been an Emperor of Rome just as those who commit horrific acts for organized crime rise to the top of wealth and power under the guise of the Holy Roman Catholic Church today?  Gang thugs or Queens pirates in the United States?  Neither belong here.

I too was driven out of my mind after I graduated from the UW Milwaukee School of Business.

Here is what you need to know about them. Together they live off the soul of your discarded semen like bee’s do their honey hive.  And that statement makes me the greatest semite in the history of the world.

What strikes me as Irony is that the Milwaukee Lakefront is under increased Milwaukee Sheriff protection after they gave an Italian man permission to manage and sell alcohol there.  And indeed it is an Italian real estate developer who is the head of the Milwaukee Police Union.  But anyway let me get this straight

I think someone once told me that it was an Italian organization that controlled all alcohol distribution in the United States.  So the Caucasian whites drink and get in trouble while your Italian or Moore bread race gets to have its pick of the drunken white women?  That is right your modern Italian race is not white they were bread by the black Moores who concurred Italy.  That is why they have curly hair.  Your original or pure bread Italians do not have these genetic traits.  So I believe it is a misnomer for most Italian Americans to call themselves Caucasian.  Oddly enough those white supremacist freaks selling drugs in Texas look like your standard Shaven head Italian!!!  They look kind of like Mr. Clean and often have buzzhole tenor voices.  This would indeed be an assault on the white race by you’re non caucasion Italian race.  So you think the blacks don’t like me using these terms?  No-one has been victimized more in the United States by your Non Caucasian Italian raced than the Blacks have! I ask myself why they were perpetrated as white supremacist when I could see they were you’re shaved Mario or Guido Italians?  And I am not a White Supremacist- I am a human and human potential supremacist- it doesn’t matter what color you are of you should be given a good drug free childhood and education.

Who am I?  A discredited and stigmatized no one.  At least half my life is gone.

That campus rapist has a different look to them.  I have never been raped.  They attempted to rape me in the Boy Scouts at Catholic  School while camping after they made me smoke pot.  I had just one the knot tying competition of the whole group.  My father taught me.

The Campus racist is also known to drive around in very expensive sports cars!  If you have your own soul they will know who you are like a bloodhound can track a trail.  How does the English song go?  Fee Fi Fo fum I smell the blood of an Irishmen?  Druid or Blood hound, Bull Dog what’s the difference.
You might not ever know how smart you really are until they try and take it from you!  You might not even think very much of yourself!  And that is the entire point.  They don't get away with it unless you think badly of yourself.


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