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Monday, August 1, 2016

How to cut Frozen Ground Beef 08 01 2016

How to cut Frozen Ground Beef 08 01 2016

So you have two pounds of ground beef in the freezer and you only want to thaw and use one?  No problem.  Get a clean 1/4" drill bit.  Some cardboard and your cutting board.

Drill into the ground beef just to above the lower side of it.  Make a series of such holes straight across the center short side of the rectangle.  Then take it to your kitchen sink and break it in half by placing it on the bridge between the two basins and pressing down.

Notes.  1.  Put the cardboard on top of your cutting board to prevent over shooting the hole and ruining the cutting board.
2.  Remove any plastic from the top of where your center line will be drilled.
3.  If cutting a bigger piece than that you can wiggle the drill bit in its hole in the same direction as the other holes are orientated to make more of a cutline.
4.  Make sure your bit is clean.  A new one cleaned it best.
5. Do not drill all the way through the meat because you will fray up some of that Styrofoam and packaging bedding into it.  Just rinse the frozen meat off with water if you do.
6.  I use a right angle 18 volt drill by a high reputation Japanese company.

All there is to it.

It is a very quick and safe method.  Using a knife to attempt to do this same feat risks the knife breaking or "camming" into your hand.  Letting the whole of the meat thaw when only using half is no good either.

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