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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Sports Section of the Paper Olympic Commentary 2016 08 11 2016

The Sports Section of the Paper Olympic Commentary 2016

So last night I watched a little of the men's swimming.  And what I noticed is that it was very hard to see who was in what lane.  What would have been great is if they had a trailing holographic computer image of the persons country superimposed in the water behind them.

But tonight as I watched the gymnastics I had to ask myself, when would you ever use that in real life?  Running and doing summersaults in the air?  Perhaps if you are a band of gypsies that want to take over a village?  You start  a show like that outside the village until you are invited in and then your long knives come out and you take it over and never have to work like the Bible abdicates?  That or you wait until all the villagers go to sleep at night and then run at their fence line and jump over it like that, open the gate and ransack the place and take over and never have to work again like the Bible advocates?  But those athletes will likely never have to work?

And what type of music do they always play during those gymnastics, by the way the moves are a lot like figure skating?  It is that gypsy type music isn't it!  And where they always allowed to dress in the equivalent of body paint?  And what did I just realize as I am typing?  That they were very discrete about that in the men's swimming.

So was the Olympics really started by gypsies that took over individual countries and got together like that?  What was I reading about the Roman Empire once, that they black girl hookers would shake their naked butts in the streets?  For what purpose other than to evoke and steal the holy spirit of men?

And does all those upper body athletic movements keep their breasts lean?  I am not a guy who really cares what a woman's breast size is.  But I am just making a comment maybe there isn't something healthy about it as concerns the breast?  Perhaps too many male hormones are produced from all that athletic ability?

And what about the short black girl?  She was so stout that if she fell she was more highly likely to land on her feet?

Do you know what I see?  I see the temptation for the average person to try that when they have had a few beers and break their neck or their back!

But, and this is real mean, but what the heck I have mean female voices cursing me all the time so you better be able to handle it.  Didn't a lot of those women athletes have the faces of men?  And some of their bodies were more man like than women like?  So were they bread with steroids up to a certain age and then taken completely off of them?

And some Olympic athletes have indeed use steroids.  So what does that make the competition to me?  Meaningless!

This is so negative I don't even like to publish it, but it is the way I am compelled to think and it is better to just let my opinions out!  And thank God that we have the right to do so in the United States!  And you never know, perhaps there are some people who think a lot like me and are glad to know that someone else does too and isn't ashamed of it!

And wasn't it once revealed that an Olympic coach sexually molested his young girls?  That is one gypsy that should have his neck broken just outside the village at the gallows?

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