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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fairness 04 10 2018

Fairness 04 10 2018

If you are not fair to yourself, to your belief system, then it can become your fatal flaw.

That is why some people can't seem to understand why something someone writes is all over the board.  It is indeed because they are all true to that person and for that person to go against their belief system would indeed draw sickness to them.  A little metaphysical, but I find it to be true.

Whose side is someone like that on?  They are on the side of the truth for their own good.

How does it work?  When you lie to someone else you can yourself be subject to that fate of that lie?  In other words it has compromised your belief system?  Lets consider your belief system to be a map of connected valid premises, or if you will synapses.  What happens to someone when the product of their own thought no longer is meaningful to them?  Is it Alzheimer's?

And again the person who has a cohesive stream of conscious wants to share that belief system with you for your very own good.

To you really believe in yourself if you don't have valid reasons for your belief system?  That is empty isn't it.

It is like a man made of straws.  He tries to walk somewhere, he tries to accomplish something on his on and the further he gets the more of him is missing.  So ask yourself what someone like that resorts to?  You don't have to answer the question.  All you have to do is watch them in desperate reaching confusion.  As if their mouth can will their way out of it.  It has always worked before.

Kind of reminds you of a robot going on tilt?  Or a beet faced tomato head going into a core meltdown.  What brain structure does a heated sphere of tomato paste have?

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