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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Syria, Russia where are we going here 04 14 2018

Syria, Russia where are we going here  04 14 2018

So Russia has been in Syria and on Syria's side?  Syria had stockpile of chemical weapons.

What does it mean?  It means that Russia was sanctioning the use of chemical weapons?

Sarin Gas?

Are these the chemical weapons that Iraq had?  Does anyone remember Iraq transferring military equipment to Syrian?

So how quickly could Russia get up to speed with chemical weapons to attack the U.S. with?

But when we see Trump speak we tend to think he is a bumbling idiot the way he contradicts himself?  But what if he is really just telling us in a way such that is it all he can tell us?  Meaning he is advised by the Department of Defense, but he can't tell us that exactly?  So he attempts to rephrase it?

But Trump stated this was a one time deal?

And do we really know what is going on over there?  How many people were killed in those U.S. attacks?

There is killing and their is maiming.  Chemical weapons maim and kill.  But so do nuclear.  Radiation poisoning isn't that chemical?  Tell me it isn't and you are just playing with words to suit your spoiled will.  They are not white and black.  Even a bullet isn't white or back.  It can lead to someone being maimed and not killed. 


Now off topic.  So I watch Mixed Martial Arts on television tonight and what do I see?  Something horrific.  Fighters sticking out their fingers to poke someones eyes out.  Fighters targeting the legs to maim someone.

Do we really need these skills in the military?  Isn't that what we have guns for to shoot someone who would maim us?  To make a clean kill in War?

Who was taught to fight that way as a boy?  Poking eyes and kicking at legs?  When you see what we have transitioned to concerning that do you say that the melting pot concept doesn't work?

I think the sport should be banned.  It is another blight on our Democracy.

A boy grows up to believe that he can become very wealthy by blinding or maiming someone?  That has no place in the country of men.

I took Judo in college.  And the instructor thought I was too rough.  I increased the force necessary until the Judo move was successful and the opponent was taken to the ground.  The Judo instructor then I believe put two black belts against me and one of them intentionally fell on my head.  I may have had a detached retina.

So that type of fighting is what really?  It is a Magog attack on man!  A Magog attack on someone that is normal, can learn normally and is therefore the equivalent of what a Prophet was?  That is how I read that Bible.

So if you have to resort to that in order to defend yourself doesn't it really mean that there are some mentally defective bar bouncer types in this country that never belonged here?

I suppose you are telling me that I should learn that to so I can kick someone in the knee and make a cripple out of them for the rest of their life?  My father taught me not to fight that way.  Admit it yours was an alcoholic and a no good drunk.

At least boxing was reasonably fair.  One of the guys in the fight tonight tore a hole in his scalp and blood was everywhere.

So is that what you chose to do for a living?  Will you be proud when you have to put a patch over your eye and walk with a cane the rest of your life?  Shouldn't you have just gone and worked at a factory stamping washers?

What kind of fighting is that?  It is faggot fighting!  So there I said it.  Don't censor me for saying it.

The way I read it a lot of people are not of the standard of our Democracy and Constitution and don't belong here.


One more point at the paragraph end before the stars there above.

So a Police Officer is stated to use deadly force when necessary.  When I was a boy we were told that when the use that weapon they attempt to kill.

But how come the law is different with regard to a citizen exerting their right to use a gun?  Someone, a thug a criminal endangered your life.  You shot them once.  Then you emptied your clip in them.  Now the courts want to say you shouldn't have emptied your clip in them?  I ask what is the difference?  I supposed you thought the shooter should have aimed for the leg as in the girl fighting martial arts?  And once they maimed the person they should have stopped.

This country went through a major shift because of FDR legalizing alcohol and the unconstitutional gun control that came in effect because of it.  And also the court system using false cases to make the death penalty sentence illegal. Gun Control came into effect about right after Italian Organized crime posed as Police Officers in order to annihilate the Irish Organized Crime?  St. Valentines Day Massacre.

15,000 heroin deaths a year.  I think we do need the death penalty sentence.  I think we need to use it broadly.  And I think we need to clean out a lot of that which can't think for itself nor experience happiness from the product of its own righteous thinking.  That criminal mind doesn't think like a man, it thinks like a woman or beast.  And it is defective.  And we could have scientifically documented the brain and genetic abnormality that causes it.  But those who are in it for the money would never let it happen.


"Dad I took out a kids eye on the playground today just like I saw in UFC on Saturday night.  I also kicked someone in the kneecap and they had to be taken to the hospital."

"Son I am so proud of you!  You are going to be a millionaire fighter some day!  You got what it takes!  Some day you might be there at a Trump arena on television."

Yeah you do make me sick.  I hope you can understand my articulation as to why.

© 2018 Thomas Murphy

Was that originally United States produced and sold chemical weapons? If that was and there was no one in those factories that died.  It looks to be a CIA operation to control public opinion and distract or obstruct our democratic form of Government.  Are some CIA Operations really an obstruction of justice per the Constitution?

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