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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My new CD "Music Therapy" MP3's are now available!!!!!!

My new CD "Music Therapy" MP3's are now available!!!!!!

Album Notes

Music Therapy notes

These are songs I played on my Cigar Box Guitar. A guitar that has a Cigar Box where the traditional round back part would be.

Track Notes

1 'He Get's It' The song is titled that because that is what the guitar pick screeching on the strings sounded like it was saying when I listened to it. Like it was mocking me, “He get's it!” The voices also have mocked me with those words. Call it biofeedback to the voices? Playing something over and over until that behavior is modified?

2 'Monroe Interjects'  In the high strings I here a very fussy woman interjecting into the life of a man. She likes him; but more to the point; likes to challenge him because he believes in himself? Perhaps the term is “grousing?” I play by ear. I had heart as I was playing and decided to give her the last word at the end of the song.

3 'Bezerker Blitz'  The name say's it all. It is HIGH ENERGY

4 '30 MM Turbine' It just had that “rolling” sound to it. Like I am in a Tank Killer plane shredding armor vehicles with a powerful gun on a low flying pass. It has that sense of Bravado to it.

5 'Zeppelin Swooning'  I imagine myself in an old biplane. The machine gun mounted in front of me and designed with a timing chain so that it doesn't shoot off it's own propeller. I am hunting a war blimp down and firing at it! The song also has a country dance feel to it. I also hear a little the Cure and Lead Zeppelin in it. Also I hear some morocco in it; however all these songs are done on a single pass of my 3 string Cigar Box Guitar!!!

6 'Sinking Interference' Those are the words that came to mind to describe the beat of this song. A little industrial sound to it.

7 'Western' The hoofs of a horse clanking on the rocks in a slow ride through dessert. A regrouping or road trip song. A time for insight.

8 'Ready Set Charger' This one feels like a cross between a slam dance and marching band gone wild After our horse regrouped it is off to the races again.

9 'Fat Lip' This song sounds like a man with a “fat lip” complaining to everyone.

10 'Adrenalin' This reminds me of the old crime shows. Where the V8 powered car was flying over the hills of San Francisco. I also hear a little Jimmy Hendrix and The Cure in this one.

11 'A Parade of Poobahs' I imagine a bunch of men with “horns” competing to see who is the leader of the parade; while they are marching in the parade. One stepping in front of the other as if no one see's how rude they are to each other?

13 ' What it sounds like to me'  Just doesn't sound like a complete album without some vocals. Hence some “Scat”

You can find the tracks here!

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The cover:

This was a building at the Lake Mendota Mental Health Complex on Governors Island Madison Wisconsin. I used this picture to show how society views and accommodates those diagnosed with mental illness; as if they are a Lizards prey. The sign on the rusting barracks type building read “MUSIC THERAPY”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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