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Thursday, March 8, 2012

China 03 08 2012

China 03 08 2012

It is very simple.  Want to create jobs in the United States equals stop doing business with China.

It makes absolutely no sense to me why we are in the first place?  The United States fought against communism for years!!!  Now we are in effect a communist country!  Why?  Because our corporations products all come from China!  All of our labor was outsourced to China to feed the bottom line of corporate income statements.

 So what have we been supporting with United States dollars?  Per my memory China used to have the largest population of prisoners.  Now the United States is said to have the largest population.  What happened to China’s prison population?  Where they all worked to death in prison camps?  Where they all worked to death in mines?  What does one have to do wrong to become a Chinese prisoner in the first place?  Does all one have to do is say that people should have due process and the punishment fit the crime?  Is law enforcement very subjective in China?  If you speak your conscience in China can a van pull up and execute you and harvest your organs?  I just read an article that this is exactly the type of thing that happens.  Do United States Corporations order ten cartons of a product and also stipulate that they need a fresh set of lungs freezer packed and sent airmail because they smoked all their lives. 

The bottom line is, if you don’t want this to happen in the United States then you shouldn’t be doing business with a country that enacts such evil?  How can we do business with this horror of translated communism?  How did we justify attacking Iraq when China is a sicker torture chamber?

 Now we want to put mines in Wisconsin?  Who is going to be in them and why?  What crime does someone have to commit to be put in a Wisconsin mine?  It is the perfect crime because no-one knows how many are down in the mines in China.  I also read an article that China is making cosmetics products out of the skin of human prisoners?  Where are all the Jews in the United States who should be taking one look at this and having their blood boil at the horror!
If we ever cannot pay China back on what we owe them it is not our fault.  Why?  Because what these actions amount to are the actions of the devil.  We do not owe anyone who commits a crime against humanity or participates in a crime against humanity one red American penny!

My intuition is that China has committed a great genocide right under the eye of the world population!  And we have gone along with it because it has fed the net income of our corporate financial statements.  If Barrack Obama was raised to learn about communist teachings as I have read he was he needs to understand this; human nature reverts to a standard that is less than human in communist countries faster than it ever does in a Democracy of Capitalism.
We have developed such a strong relationship with this horrific country of China that the Satanic of that country are indeed participating in the harassment and demonization of United States Citizens.  They do this with impunity.
Why else do we not owe China one red cent?  China also has a percent of its population that is labeled Schizophrenic.  What does that mean?  For every person labeled Schizophrenic there is at least one hundred that are dependent on that mind.  It is the great secret no-one ever wants to let you in on.  In true communism you would never have anyone labeled schizophrenic.  But you can never have true communism because the Satanic would find their way into managing such a country and it would quickly revert to something that is not for the people.
So if you are a Chinese and you object to anything you are put in prison.  What is this?  This is the structure of the genocidal war machine of Nazi Germany.
When I think about China I almost want to go over there and conquer the whole country and free the people from the mines, that is how I feel about them.
And one more point.  I watched on the news as China built a multistory building with many rooms on each floor in just six days.  Contrast that to the American worker who spends all summer fixing one mile worth of road.  I used to believe that the American worker was the most productive; maybe I believed it because when they put me a psychiatric medicine that was essentially female hormones someone yelled at me and said the American Worker is the most productive worker.  Bull3h17.  The American worker does not compare to the Chinese worker in terms of productivity at all; the Chinese worker is worked to death in prison!!!  What is the American worker today?  The American worker is a service worker and is someone who cannot work unless they can insult the customer!  The American worker is someone who cannot think because his mother is of the Holy Roman Empire and stole a soul for him or her.  The American worker is someone who is dependent on cigarettes because he never had to learn to think for himself.  The American manufacturing worker is something that has been lost for two reasons.  1. No honest apple pie American would work for a satanic manager. 2.  That Satanic manager found out that he could have a prison laborer in China do the work for him.
The American worker can only work for about ten minute before he gets nervous and needs a cigarette to quench his/her alcohol lungs or has to insult someone.
If I were President of the United States I could not consciously allow our country to do business with China!  You can listen to everyone pretentiously preach about American values all you want on television but it only amounts to hypocrisy!
China is also the worst polluter of the planet we live on and guess what, they do it for us.

Barrack told of how we have foreign allies we protect.  I thought WWII was over a long time ago?  Japan was never to have an army again because of their aggression per my memory of history class.  Everyone thought that Japan was the great technology leader and we find out they cannot even be responsible for a nuclear reactor.  Hear is something you need to think about very carefully.  If we cannot manage to have manufacturing in this country can we manage nuclear power plants?  Would you trust your squinty eyed beer drinking neighbor to work at one?  What is my point?  Sure you and I reading this know what responsibility means but we also know very well how it is degraded by low education, standard of living, alcohol and drug culture, high crime rate, etc.  All nuclear power plants represent a huge risk to the whole world.
The Chinese machination could very well be the biggest security threat to the whole world.  Here is how they will work it.  They will encroach into other countries until one day boom bang we all wonder what those helicopter gunships are doing here and why we are all working in the grave mines.
The limited liability of the corporate structure has made this all possible.  I know you think that it won’t be you because you are with the in crowd.  They might call you big nose and laugh at you if you were a tourist in China.  But you wouldn’t know it because it would be like hearing Spanish spoken in the United States.  What do I think of when I think of Mexican food?  I think of a pot of wormy beans with e-coli hamburger meat prepared into your meal by a person whose hand cleanliness is the equivalent of a butt wipe.  Today I saw a black man answering a customer question at a retail store and as I heard his Ebonics I thought in cynicism, “Why don’t you try and teach him Spanish so he can explain things better?”  How did I really feel about him?  I saw how he was proud to have a job and working and it warmed my heart.  I saw how he was trying hard to be a good employee and was proud for him.
One more note of ramble.  The other day I was at a custard stand.  There was a line 9 deep outside.  A painter came up and stood behind me in line.  He was white and had the voice and face of Peter Weller.  Although he was much shorter than Peter Weller.  He was smoking a cigarette and talking the annoying insulting type of talk.  I usually spout off back to such people and say something like, “Who wants cancer smoke blown in their face.”  I did get angry.  But then as I sat in my car with my mother and ate, I watched him walk back to his car with his black friend.  He was very skinny and had a limp in his left leg.  I immediately thought, “How the in h311 could I felt so angry about a person.”  I almost started to cry.  To some of us there are shadow people in our lives and we think about them and we learn very important things.
One last say.  I was driving south over the Hoan Bridge and what did I see?  I saw a giant Wind Turbine.  It just made sense.  Then I also looked down and saw the rusted oil tanks.  The same ones that Homeland Security pulled me over for taking pictures of, I cleared my camera. But as I did so I thought “What guy does not want to look at pictures of these industrial things.”  I also thought, “A major media company could come here and take as many as they wanted and it would probably be okay.”   Then I thought, “What kind of sick sissies live in and run the United States today?”  As I drove over the Hoan Bridge I thought anyone who wanted to could take pictures of these from up here as they are driving by and that Homeland Security truck could never catch them.  So why did they not want me to take pictures on that hot summer day?  Is it because they are a leaking environmental nightmare and no one wants to spend the money to replace them?  Let’s see, Jones Island sits right there where the rivers meet Lake Michigan.  It just bothers me.  Maybe it is because I know that fathers won’t be able to take their children to go fishing on the Lake in the future?

What is Homeland Security?  Is it really an extension of Capitalism translated into communism and back to capitalism?  It seems a little like the SS of Nazi Germany to me.  Is Homeland Security really a bunch of gung hoe sissies who need to feel like they are righteous men who are standing up for America?  And who are a few of our leaders to define and shape who the enemies of America are by their negligent foreign policy?  It makes me sick, but that is what they labeled me a long time ago, and I know it was never true.  Do you know how the dependent minded chose their victims for soul theft?  They chose good people who love themselves.  After all what would you want your dependent minded children that you do not have the wherewithal to raise responsibly yourself to be like?  Jesus Christ, a Jew, we need you to come back and defeat this evil today!  By the way the book of Revelation tells of Jews who are not Jews, enough said.
So what is my point?  If we have no problem with the way China behaves how long will it be before we are subjected to this behavoir?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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