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Friday, March 16, 2012

Debbie Lesko 03 16 2012

Debbie Lesko

Freedom of Religion does mean that you can control others not of your religion.  That is where Religion has proven to be not under God and abused.  How many parents would say that their children being molested by a priest is freedom of religion.
Most women are harassed in the work place, belittled and have low self esteem because of the employer.  Therefore employers should be required to provide health coverage for the morning after pill.  As a matter of fact employer’s health coverage should cover all health related aspects of a human being.  And if they try and weasel out for various reasons then the government should pay for it under Medicare.
The only true religion is the belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the belief in Jesus Christ does not have a religious name, it means opening the Bible and reading from it to understand yourself, it cannot be taught!  Reading is what needs to be taught.  Any named religion has proven itself to be invalid as a religion and should be taxed.
Freedom of religion has lead to satanic abuse of people in our society.  Abuse is a crime and it is not a religion, it is a crime.  Freedom of religion does not absolve people from guilt in crimes they commit even if they are in the name of their religions.  Freedom of religion does not mean that you are able to engage in witchcraft against the innocent in our society; because that is a crime.  Freedom of religion does not mean that we can legitimize soul theft under the name of psychiatry: that is a crime.
Also: I believe that the satanic are created by parents who drink alcohol and abuse drugs.  My father gave up drinking before he ever met my mother and conceived me.  That is probably why I have a soul and the dependent minded satanic do not!  If I were president I would bring back prohibition in some form so that the dependent minded are not created by this metabolic insult. 
That is right you dependent minded angered me so much that I am going to do you a great favor as President; I am going to see that another one of you is never created again!  Yes I hear your cries for help- alcohol babies.  I see your puffy mongoloid like Irish faces and I know that you were alcohol babies.  You bother me for my soul and that is it! 
The morning after pill?  You dag right we should have it!  Why? So metabolically insulted dependent minded babies are not created!  But you know what? The world has gone too far in this direction and all the chemicals and drugs in our environment have created a plague of the dependent minded satanic!  It might be too late; banning alcohol might not help you or the human race survive in all its beauty!
Senator? Debbie Lesko looked like she had witches eyes to me!  That is why she would want more dependent minded to be created.
And Rick Santorum needs to stop using my ideas!  Why?  Because he is likely to not put forth the true spirit of what they represent if he were in power and that degrades the principals more than anything else.
When this country was founded it had no idea of what kind of religions would be developed.  Indeed quite to the contrary Wiccans were hung in early America.  That is what our founding fathers believed to be true regarding religion.  All those molesting catholic priest would have been executed like they are in Iran!  Isn’t it funny that the United States wants to go after Iran when Iran is a lot like early America?  What the U.S. does not realize is that if we attack Iran we will be in WWII against Iran, Russia, China, etc.  And God will not be on our side!  Why not?  God is not on the side of Wiccans!  God is on the side of the good who try and emulate the deeds of Jesus Christ!  Why?  Because emulating his behavior preserves humanity!  And humanity is in the image of God!  And God is indeed a man! 
Invasion of privacy?  Our government needs to crack down on every defense contractor who has legitimized surveillance technology under the guise of Home Land Security.  A lot of people need to be in prison because of this!  Once they surveil you they become very jealous of you because they realize how much smarter you are than them.  Then they fixate on you in hatred as if you are different.  The difference is that you were raised by responsible parents who did not drink!  But if we cannot put all of you in prison for this you might lose some of your rights as citizens in this country.  You are guilty of a crime and have now created a new class of citizen- the second class citizen!
Not only does surveillance technology invade privacy, much of it also creates ill health effects that lead to death!  That is murder! 
Ravi a man on television used surveillance technology and was just found guilty on our television.
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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