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Saturday, March 10, 2012

On Evil Women

Women should be the ones to codify and define how evil women should be dealt with.

The ancient Jews stoned whores at the edge of town.  Somehow there was a transition away from this.  Could it be due to the influence of Jesus Christ.

The Arabs beat the heck out of evil women.  And one wonders what their criteria are for doing so.

So we know stoning and beating bad women is not right.  So I will say again, let women decide how bad evil women should be handled.

And do you want to know the truth?  Some women are so good that they would never believe how truly evil some other women could be!!!!!  So we should pose the hypothetical question to these good women who would never believe of the evil of some women and ask that hypothetical question to them, "What should be done to someone like this?"  And tell them the indeed true story of such women.  Just lay out the facts as we know them to be true.  They cannot adequately refute any of these facts because in order for them to do so will indeed reveal what they are guilty of.    Would that not be fair?

In other words the evil women kept their evil a secret from the good women who would never believe they were evil.  So we ask the good woman what should be done?  Would we achieve a fair adjudication?  I bet the adjudication we received would be for very harsh punishment of such hypothetical posed crimes that were not really hypothetical.

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