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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama has legalized the killing of United States Citizens 03 13 2012

Obama has legalized the killing of United States Citizens 03 13 2012
Okay so I showed you how it reads after a line item veto.  What crow has he been eating? It tells you what good an attorney does for this country!
The American people should be allowed to hear what these people Obama has targeted for death want to say.
When I was a boy I always thought that we should assassinate Castro or Boris or whoever the bad leader was.  We still cannot do that but we can kill legally kill American citizens.
Okay you say that the law is only in place for political dissadents and no-one else.  What happens when you go on vacation in a foreign country?  Maybe you said something to your buddy at the country club that he can make money from.  Maybe you also said something that can be construed as Anti-American. 
So there you are lying on the beach sunbathing in the warm tropical sun and an American SS man comes up with a .22 with a silencer on it and legally snuffs you.
This one is ant constitutional.  Barrack signed it.  What is our constitution?  It asserts the rights of the American people.  One of those rights was not to be an indentured servant or slave.  Barrack by being against our rights is indeed against our constitution and pro slavery?  Okay I cannot prove that Barrack is a black who wishes he were white.  Other than to say this; once you start erasing the rights of Americans all blacks look about the same on the plantation  but some are not.  Some wielded a bicycle chain and whipped other blacks with it. 
I don’t want to burn the Quran.  I want to obtain a copy of it so that I can read it and understand just what these people believe in.  It would seem that it would be required reading in American Schools considering that many of them are labeled enemy combatants.  Shouldn’t the next generation understand what we have gotten into?
If I were President of the United States I would require every high school student to read that Quran.  And I do not even know what is in it because I have never read it.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Do you see who they have all been fighting to develop their verbal ability without also developing reason.

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