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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Political Platform for the Next Governor of Wisconsin 03 11 2012

A Political Platform for the Next Governor of Wisconsin 03 11 2012
1.     No smoking in public.  Commercial sale of cigarettes to be outlawed.
2.     All 2 cycles with gas oil to be premixed to be outlawed.
3.     Bull doze vacant drug houses as attractive nuisances.
4.     The cleanest environmental standards in the country.
5.     100 percent Organic farming.
6.     No pollution runoff allowed.
7.     Goal to be first state to achieve clean energy independence with focus on solar.  Goal to provide residents with free electricity based on solar.  Background: The utility industry has not had respect for the land of Wisconsin or the water and has created a huge future liability.
8.       Workers should not need a Union in this state their rights should be upheld quickly.
9.       Corporations to lose limited liability in the state.  Citizens are to be expected to be responsible individuals and not, "What can I get away with types!"  The latter amounts to depletion of all of the States resources- including its people.
10.   Current credit card balances to be frozen and will not incur further interest or penalties of any kind.  Background- the banking industry failed to properly make loans in this country time after time.  Banks in state to play more of a utility type role.
11.   Illegal to sell bottled water in this state.  All municipalities must provide water that meets our standards.  Surrounding states that pollute our water supply are to be fined for costs incurred.
12.   Some type of rule regarding the influence of Illinois in the state.
13.   All manufacturing and business in the state will be required to treat their employees with respect and not compromise their health.  All manufacturing to be clean and employees must be provided with appropriate working environments and safety gear.  Companies that share their profits with all their workers will receive some kind of advantage- to be determined.
14.   All religion in state to lose tax exempt status as charity.
15.   There will be no more lottery sales in traditional sense.  All future lottery winners will receive a $20,000.00 solar upgrade to their homes.
16.   Citizens will initially be expected to drink no more than two alcohol drinks a day.
17.   All television stations doing business in the state will be required to be free and over the air.  A similar provision that all radio stations must too be free over the air.
18.   Cell phone technology is to be required to use the least amount of electricity in transmission.  Only technologies that meet the best bench mark will be allowed in the state.
19.   No professional athlete in the state is to receive more than $300,000.00 a year.  Background: professional sports has played too much of a negative role in our society.  We don’t need them.  Let education and intelligent creation be the standard of success in our state.
20.   Some junk food restaurants and junk food in grocery stores to be banned.
21.   All lawyers required to make commitment to summarize how crimes could have been prevented. (More provisions regarding lawyers to be added.)
22.   Stock options and commodity futures to be outlawed in the State of Wisconsin.  Background they are the source of far too much corruption.
23.   The State will have the goal to be the State that produces the most energy efficient cars and trucks in the country.  Manufacturers who can produce one and follow the highest standards regarding employees and the environment will receive favorable treatment.  Motorcycles are to follow the same stringent standards as Outboard motors.  You will have to upgrade like the sewing machine industry.  For those who are not familiar- when you want to have your sewing machine fixed they take it out back and junk it in order to sell you a newer model.  Again a business opportunity for the true innovators who have the future of the children of this State in mind.
24.   No more gambling casinos in the State.  I was not treated fairly at them.  They are waste of lives.  Casinos will be converted to Indian type malls.  Native Americans have been corrupted through the States Casinos.  I want something better for them.  We could even give them their own television stations.  I would like to watch Native American television!!!  I want them to make movies too!
25.   Young men will receive tool type vouchers or credits so that they learn how to be competent, creative and productive with tools.  There could be community type craft competitions.  There could be many types of community based competitions.
26.   Education:  Classrooms are expected to be quiet learning environments with behaving kids.  Lunch programs to have the highest nutritional standards.  How do we handle the bad children?  Maybe we let those that they bullied decide from a list of choices or otherwise?  It was a lot different in biblical times.
27.   Health Care: You should not have to pay when your problem is not remedied.  Antibiotics should not be fed to farm animals and kept from Human beings.  Background- it is a source of profit when you have to come back to the Doctor for more than one visit.  Doctors might have pay limits in the State of Wisconsin.  Background: this would bring back the true spirit of medicine and healing.
28.   Patents: No Wisconsin Citizen should have to pay to register an idea or a patent.
29.   Residents are expected to maintain health standards.  All residents should have free access to exercise facilities in the state.  The “Get Healthy” initiative.
30.   All residents will be required to learn how to cook healthy meals.
31.   Noise Standards are to be developed with a goal to make the State a quiet State.  All sources of noise are to be required to meet a standard or way to achieve such a standard through technology.  This will be a source of business.  Note:  Many of the goals that we should have for the State of Wisconsin would provide a substantial amount of new business to the State of Wisconsin.
32.   We need to go in the other direction than from legalizing drugs.  How many of us would really trust a pot smoker with our lives.  It is ridiculous.  And drug users do not increase their creativity through the use of drugs.  The only good way to increase creativity is through translational thinking and learning.
33.   All child molesters in State to be executed.  We do not need any Satanic Joe Paterno types.
34.   To meet the new goals for a healthy state their might be a wealth tax.
35.   There will be many new laws regarding corporations in the State.  Such as salary limits on executives.  Above a certain indisputably determined amount the money has to be provided to the employees or to further the States new initiatives.  Background: no bank executive ever earned a 1 Billion Dollar salary!!!  They did not earn that.  All money earned is a function of the utilization of the States resources and those resources have been greatly depleted!!!!
36.   All members of occult type religion or participating in occult type practices can expect to experience the wealth tax.  Background: this is to protect the innocent.
37.   All owners of property are expected to keep their property and street in front of their property clean.  This responsibility cannot be put onto renters or leasers of such property.  The owners of all properties rented or leased will be held liable in some manner for criminal activities on their property.  Racketeering provisions to apply.
38.   All owners of handguns are to be required to complete a safety course.  High schools will once again have rifle teams.  It is my firm belief that school shootings are caused by demonic possession.  This is where the occult religion provision comes into play.  All ammunition to be sold and used in the State will be required to be lead free.  New technologies and stronger engineered guns will likely be required.  Again a business opportunity.
39.   The State will be transitioned such that all waste water will be treated to be clean.  Rivers and lakes will be clean again with fish that are safe to eat in any amount!!  Again a business opportunity.
40.   The Federal Reserve loans money to banks to loan to businesses.  This is not working.  We need to bypass the traditional type of bank.  Our country would save a lot of money if we made loans directly to proprietors.  Background: Lending competence has been compromised by what can only be considered counterproductive machinations of financial fraud.  Bottom line:  We do hard day’s work, we are fair to one another and we are healthy and live longer.  We should have this goal for everyone.  There should be no Satanic based successes.
41.    There will be an anonymous and yet accountable food poisoning hot line.  Whereby if you got sick after eating at a restaurant you can submit that to a database.  If anyone dies after eating at a restaurant all members of that business, its family and workers will lose the right to work in the food industry in this State- in addition to criminal prosecution and a perpetual wealth tax.  In other words your done!   Background- enough bad food is enough bad food.
42.   Rent control laws.  As long as there are homeless in the State any commercial building will rooms not being used will be required to house such homeless for zero rent.  Background:  Many office buildings are built and are mostly empty.  This is a great waste of resources.  It was a waste of granted money to build and a great source of waste and pollution when torn down.  A balance must be achieved between new construction and its actual benefit to the resources of the State of Wisconsin- its people.  The people of Wisconsin have not been treated as a resource to be developed but more like something that can be marginalized, taken advantage of and profited from.  The goal of the state should be to that every adult develop so that they have many skills in many areas of interest.  Continuing education will be required to achieve this. But I would expect that it will be more like groups that chose leaders who review new initiatives and therefore it is free based.  Or at the very least instruction as to how to proceed in areas of interest are to be provided to residents of the State.
43.   No one should ever be injured at work in any way!
44.   The Satanic are to be naturally weaned from what they have considered to be their natural activity or proclivity to be.  Enough is enough- you’re going straight!
45.   Land partitioned for ethanol based crops will instead have solar and wind turbine installed.  Electricity from this natural land resource will be distributed to surrounding area at market rates.  Owners of farms are expected to maintain such systems as they do livestock. Preferably solar.  Background: excess food production leads to waste in many ways; runoff and gluttony, sloth, and is a disincentive to clean energy. Sloth and gluttony are deadly sins.
46.   Any company doing business in the State past and present will be required to license clean energy technologies to other companies on a free basis.  Background:  the spirit of the creation of such technologies will be upheld and maintained.  Ie: They were created for the intended purpose and will therefore be utilized for such.  We have to do what we have to do to clean up the place and I know that there was unfairness in some rights allocations, Ie: They were stolen from human souls and there is a great debt to society that must be met.
47.  Consumers should receive a full refund for products sold in the State that do not meet a certain standard of quality and durability.

Background:  I believe in Democracy and fairness. 

 Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Ps.  You are likely to see many current politicians to use some of my catch phrases like, "Conform to what the spirit of the law was meant to be," and "Candle potted nuclear reactor."

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