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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Suggestions for Microsoft 03 04 2012

Suggestions for Microsoft 03 04 2012

1.        Who wants to turn on their computer and find out that their desktop has been reorganized?  This is the biggest source of productivity loss in this country.

2.       Who wants to buy a new version of Microsoft Software and find out that it has the exact same functionality accept things are in different places that are hard to find and remember?  Another source of lost productivity!

This is ridiculous!  This is not productivity software anymore it is anti-productivity software.  There is not legitimate reason this company should be granted corporate status anymore.  Also antimonopoly powers should have broken this company up a long time ago!!!  But what happened instead?  We had a whole wave of computer hackers that necessitate Microsoft products as the standard out of fear of using a lesser known brand.

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