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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kovy 2012

Kovy 2012
I can read that evil Right Wing mind already.
Here is what will happen next.  All sorts of black children will get on the band wagon to Africa to hunt down Kovy.  As soon as the 50 million of them get off the boats and are assembled they will be slaughtered by a plausibly denied means.  That or they will be sent to work in the mines.  Or they will be sent to an Oprah school where their sexual organs are experimented on, again with plausible deniability.  Once they decide they want to come home there will be no more boats on shore to bring them home.  Then they will start to speak out against the United States.  And what did Barrack Obama just do?  He legalized the killing of United States Citizens living abroad.  So in effect those 50 million black children can be slaughtered if they speak against the United States.  So Barrack has just orchestrated the perfect crime.
What is Kovy 2012?  It is a distraction from progress on issues of education and safe communities in the United States?  They don’t hire young blacks to mow their lawns in the suburbs they hire illegal aliens instead?  The affluent only hire teachers to manage the demonization of children in the classroom that the minds of their satanic children learn from.
I saw more anger than heart in the man on the Kovy 2012 commercial, don’t know what it means.
Thomas Paul Murphy
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