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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New TPM United States Tax Return 03 13 2012

The New TPM United States Tax Return 03 13 2012
Mitt Romney said that he earned some ~$3 million dollars last year.
Every tax return should include an essay section.  The essay section can be as long as it takes.  “As long as it takes for what?”  you ask.  As long as it takes to teach a college educated person how to make money the same way that you did.
If you cannot teach us how you earned that money so that we can earn the same amount of money then how can you claim that you earned that money?  Really if you are that great of an asset to our country because you earn so much money then you should be able to write out an instruction set that every American can read so that they too can make money the same way that you did.
And another thing about second generation passive income?  This leads to more corruption than anything else.  Why?  Those children who did not have to work for their money become insanely jealous of those who do.  These hateful rich can even be a source of genocide, financial fraud, and destruction of freedom.  When they get into power they legitimize evil.  They would kill their own siblings.
Anyhow the Republicans stand up so proud of what they made in this country or from this country?  Tell us how to earn it to or it can be deemed that you did not.  And if you did not you have to give it all back in tax?  How do we prove that you did not earn that money?  The educated American read your instruction set on your tax return essay and failed to make the same amount of money.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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