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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doctors and Lawyers 03 08 2012

Doctors and Lawyers

We need to find a way to disincentivize bad money orientated people from becoming Doctors and Lawyers in our country.  What it could be I do not know.  But I will say this one should never be billed when one goes to the doctors office for a problem that was misdiagnosed or found to have been prescribed a treatment was infective.  As to lawyers in our complex society they have legalized crime.  If defense lawyers salaries were capped and they were executed for receiving money under the table or other benefits that might solve the problem. Okay I am going to be a little harsh now.  But all attorney client conversations should be recorded and a matter of public record.  Why?  Because Satan is greatly present in our country today and this causes a great unfairness against the average citizen of the American Public.  The nature of Satan is the great world secret.  I know of this secret and therefore all attorney client conversations and communications in any form should be a matter of public record.  There has been too much repeat and legitimized pay your way out of jail or punishment in our country.  Because of this the criminals have flourished.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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