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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is an Illegal Alien a business opportunity 03 13 2012

What is an Illegal Alien- a business opportunity?
What is an illegal alien from Mexico in the United States?  It is a Spanish speaking person who did not have the courage to stand up for his own rights in his own country.
You know what we can do with you?  We can give you the choice weapons of enemy combatants an AK-47 and put you on the yellow school buses back to Mexico to take over your country.
Okay so you do not have the intelligence to support yourself and will likely die after you get off the bus in Mexico.  Here is where the business opportunity comes into play.  We find that Kovy that everyone is getting so excited about.  We castrate and unicise him so that he is a very nice man and we let him be your plantation foreman.  What is my point?  You do not even have the intelligence to organize farms and farming in your country and you come to ours?  If you are the great people that you claim to be in the United States, the great asset to our country then take those AK-47’s and give Mexico the constitution of the United States.  You cannot do that because you cannot read or understand what it means.  There should only be one language in the United States English and if you cannot speak it?
If the illegal aliens are such great workers they would also make great workers in Mexico and that is the business opportunity.
NAFTA?  We should not even trade with countries that do not maintain our stated standards of human rights.  On the surface it had good intentions but what it really only accomplished was to teach Mexicans the crooked path to the United States.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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