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Monday, March 12, 2012

How to expose a dependent minded Jewish Person 03 12 2012

How to expose a dependent minded Jewish person 03 12 2012
The year was 1983 and I was in High School geometry class.  The teacher was J.B. the girl that sat in front of me was A.S..  Both were Jewish.
I had been told by a friend, in the third grade, in Catholic school, that I was a savoir to; that all Jews were mind readers.  I was glad when Catholic school was over as it was a small class, 10 boys 10 girls.  And when I entered high school I knew that I would experience a great diversity of people and I had looked forward to it.
A.S. always sat in front of me.  She had a beautiful figure and always sauntered herself slowly down into her seat and I always took notice of this.  The teacher J.B. had a strong voice and did not tolerate talking after class was over and before the bell rang to leave class and make your way to the next class.  I weighed 140 pounds and was about 5’4” inches.  I could be termed a wimp although I carried myself like a hard ass.  Indeed when I went out with friends at night I was always the one to stare down the Open Pantry clerk and say that I was old enough to buy beer.
One day I decided to put one my grade school friend had told me to the test.  The geometry class was quiet.  J.B. was sitting up front correcting mundane multiple choice papers.  I did not speak a word I did not write a word.  I blankly stared at J.B. as I always did but this time I thought these thoughts.  “I can see A.S. naked butt right in front of me.  It is very nice…..”  You get the idea of the kind of dirty humor I thought of next.  Like I said, J.B. was always very serious but he could not contain his laughter.  He tried desperately to hide it too.
The way I figure it works is someone pisses you off and you are heard in this manner.  Then like the book of Matthew tells us, “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell someone else.”  Well those who hear you do indeed like to tell someone else.  They also like to continually piss you off. 
No American was ever born to be the surrogate mind to the dependent minded all through the educational years only to be driven out of your mind and forced on zombie medicine when you are an adult in the work force or at school far away from home.  And to be very fair the dependent minded are not just Jews nor are they all Jews.  The dependent minded are present in every religion and ethic group.  They are political leaders with strong verbal intellect.  That verbal intellect is developed by driving someone like me out of my mind.
You want to know where all the conflict in the world comes from?  I just told you.
If you believe that people are dependent minded to you all you have to do is try what I just told you.  You will know.  And what happens next?  You will draw the dependent minded to you like zombies to a brain buffet.  You will never hear the end of it.
This is all true and that is why I fear no repercussions to me.  I have no interest in lying.  I believe for the world to change for the better this needs to be recognized.  This would create fairness.  What I have just described is no different than how Jesus Christ defined Satan in the Bible.  I want peace not conflict.  I think some people have something that they need to admit.  I still think my story, “Were going to make us a God Tony,” is one of my best.  It was rejected by the New York times.
Why do I write this?  I want you to know the truth.  I was disenfranchised, driven from my mind and put on Zombie medicine for 14 years.  My deceased father was combat medic in WWII and the Korean War.  He did not fight to see his son be labeled this horrific failure.  I was driven from my mind in Chicago at about the same time that Barrack Obama lived there 1991.  And every time Barrack or another political figure gets on television to give a speech I have just been targeted with active denial systems and driven from my mind.  I was also targeted by this when there was a Green Bay Packer game or really anytime I have just thought of a good money making idea.  This is not the spirit of the United States of America, it is something far less.  If you have a family member that was diagnosed with a split mind this is exactly the same thing that happened to them.  They had their soul stolen…. I could go on and on but nobody cares.

No-one would like me including myself if I did not tell the truth.  Do you see the worldwide implications?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 03 12 2012 at:
All of this is true and I have many more true stories just like this one.

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