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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inventions Needed Trailer train solar cell trailers 03 29 2012

Inventions Needed Trailer train solar cell trailers 03 29 2012

I got to thinking as I was buying new running shoes because I lost one.  I settled on the lightest pair I could find.  Like I said I got to thinking,  "What if instead of a boat trailing behind my car I had a trailer that was full of solar panels?  What if I had an electric car and the solar panels on the trailer helped power the car?  Now we are getting into some very interesting engineering dynamics?  The actual car could be made very light.  And indeed trailers are very light.  My boat trailer does not weight much at all, less than 300 pounds I am not sure the exact amount but I was able to bench press it once when I was under it and I do not remember if it had the extra 300 pounds of boat on it.  But what if an electric car could have two or thee such solar panel trailers behind it that were linked to the motor/battery of the car via cable.  It would seem that trip length before discharge and stalling without power would no longer be an issue.  Of course the panels would be amorphous which means that they capture light in low light conditions and I believe also in poor light to panel angle situations.

Sounds like something that might be on the horizon.  "The Solar Train Car".  Kind of sounds like that old Saturday afternoon music program doesn't it?"

Anyhow, it would eliminate one of the limiting factors with regard to electric cars.

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