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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Handgun Law Versus Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 03 07 2012

Handgun Law Versus Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 03 07 2012

Part of the fabric that makes our country is the RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.  We do not predetermine who can keep at bear arms when people are born.  There are many very good reasons why we have the right to keep and bear arms.

The United States should not dictate world politics with regard to who can keep and bear the arms of Nuclear Weapons for the exact same reason that every citizen of this country has the right to keep and bear arms.

If a country has the wherewithal and technological knowhow to build Nuclear weapons they should be allowed to do so.  To take it to the extreme; if Iran were to launch a nuclear attack on a neighboring country Iranian citizens would likely suffer from nuclear fallout.

Have there been natural disasters that are just as bad as small scale nuclear war.  I can think of two from recent history; the Japanese Nuclear power plant that almost went candle pot and the gulf oil spill.  Both of these acts of negligence could have been taken to the extreme point of view as acts of war.

Maybe if Iran had nuclear weapons a long time ago the world would be a more stable place.  Does it take a Nuclear weapon to have your voice heard in this world?  The issue of one country giving nuclear weapons to another is a different story however.

What has the issue of foreign policy been for the United States?  It has been a distraction from national policies that benefit the people of this country.  I am 45 years old and I could never begin to count the number of times I have turned on the television set to see turmoil in the Middle East.  Israel has often been central to the conflict.  I read a statistic that the worlds media is 96% Jewish owned.  It would seem to me that our media companies have propagandized our national policy by what they put front and center as issue. We could offer to make Israel a state of the United States but they would likely not listen to us and we could not control their actions as a state.  And do we really have the leadership skills in this country to get along with Israel’s neighbors if they were a state?  We cannot even adequately address Mexico!

I firmly believe that every country has the natural resources to support itself.  There is enough new clean renewable energy technology in the world that could be brought to scale and mass produced.

The primary goal of the United States should be to provide a free quota of renewable energy based electricity to every citizen!  This would make us competitive on a world scale again in the manufacturing sector.  How?  Because citizens would have more disposable income available to them and therefore a higher standard of living.

If we had the right leadership in this country we would not need to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons at all.  I believe that we should use those nuclear missiles as battery sources of electricity until they are drained dry of radioactivity.  We should also reutilize radioactive waste as an energy source until it is no longer radioactive and does not pose a threat to the environment.

And one more thing.  As I look at the Presidential right to wage war on foreign countries and use our military I will make this statement.  I would not entrust any President of the United States with the responsibility to declare war.  Why not?  All of them in recent history have been of dependent mind.  Ronald Reagan the icon of conservatives admitted as much when he said he consulted a fortune teller on national policy.

It makes a President look at lot smarter and stronger than he really is when he is able to make bold statements regarding foreign policy and it also hides his weakness with regard to progress in our own nation.  He looks like he is working but he isn’t!!!!  We do not elect United States Presidents to govern the world, they couldn’t if we did.  We elect them to govern this country.  The real issues facing this country are not ones of foreign policy as Santorum would suggest, they are ones of “country people” policy.  The real issues are never even mentioned in debates.  Why not?  No candidate has the intelligent capacity to address them!
As I look at the Republican candidates for President Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, Paul, Obama I see the exact same thing.  They are of dependent mind and do not have the capacity to think for themselves.

Now for those of you who think that I am being antijew I am going to quote a Jew who had the same opinion as I do.  Let’s see if you can understand the implication in his quote, “I have witnessed a whole succession of technological revolutions.  But none of them has done away with the need for character in the individual or the ability to think.”  If you compare what you might say is my ranting with that boiled down statement you will see that they are from the same point of view.
If we view people in countries of the world with equality then we should not play favorites.  Why not?  Because in order to be a competitive nation we can not let our integrity suffer and be compromised by the actions of competing countries.
I think people of the world will revolt against their own governments when they have had enough, we saw it in Egypt.  How about this as a matter of foreign policy for the United States;  citizens of any country that is being victimized by genocide have the right to take all means to protect themselves and kill those false leaders!  Consider that your world right!  Such countries also have the right to protect themselves against war from another country.  But how your leaders and you conduct yourself determines whether you are due for trouble or not.  Unless you think that it is human nature to be born to destroy, take advantage of, profit from and make slaves of your neighbors.  Is this what some people truly believe?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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