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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inventions Needed: Vibrating Massage Shoes 03 10 2012

Inventions Needed: Vibrating Massage Shoes

How nice it would be to sit down somewhere after walking a long distance and flip a button and your feet get massaged right in your shoes!

Could be battery operated; Lithium ion.  Or it could even be recharged via piezo electrics as you walk.  Walk a little bit sit down on a bench and get a foot massage.  Walk a little further and sit down and get another foot massage.

Who knows in shoe technology could one day charge active pneumatic suspension and cushioning on a light scale in footwear.  In other words you would never have to worry about coming down flat footed while running.  One might be able to run faster with this technology too.  Carrying a personal earphone radio does not make too much difference while running so it is likely that this technology would not be too heavy to incorporate into a shoe.

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