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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Evil German Strain 03 12 2012

The Evil German Strain 03 12 2012

I will never forget how Donald Rumsfeld portrayed the terrorist detainees of Guantanamo Bay.  He said something to this effect, “If given the opportunity they will use their teeth to gnaw through a planes hydraulic line.”  To me that sounds like the description of a rat.  Rumsfeld was not the first in recent history to portray those that he did not like as being rodents as a means of propaganda Adolf Hitler was.
Rumsfeld is a German name, Hitler is a German name and so is Bush.  Which leads me to the beer question.  Did the rise of the German beer industry in the United States coincide with the genocide of Jews in Germany?  I have to ask this question because I see that a lot of German people are indeed evil, my uncle Larry told me to watch out for that German temper.  And indeed I look around Milwaukee at all the mansions and I know that they are indeed from beer money.  Two of my neighbors have had evil Milwaukee beer last names.  What is indeed beer a catalyst for?  Beer is the ideal drug for soul theft.  Why?  Because when people drink beer their memory and life’s progress is erased!  But it is not completely erased.  There is a dependent minded race that is among us and they profit from the good things that we think of and then forget.
I do not mean to be to anti-beer because I used to love to drink beer.  I even brewed what I considered to be the best beers I have ever drank and this of course was before the microbrewery business boomed in Milwaukee.  But alcohol is indeed the most abused drug there is in the United States.  Why?  Because it thwarts personal development!!!  Oxygen deprivation of brain cells does indeed destroy recent memories.  And I believe that those who drink like to play a little game with themselves.  It is a very easy game to play and yet they consider it to be a challenge.  What is this game called?  It is called, “It is so hard to remember the one thing I ever learned how to do in life to earn a living today!”
The other reason that people like to drink alcohol is that it lets them forget about issues in their life where they were victims.  Instead of drinking alcohol they need to forgive themselves, as often they had very little control over what happened to them as children living in the world of adults; most of whom are reticent to believe in bad things that happen to them.
Sure the beer industry creates jobs.  But how many lives has it ruined?  How much potential has been starved away?  How much time with children on weekends has been lost to it.  I believe that a human being should not have to face work issues that would drive them to drink.  Work should indeed be fair.  When you work in this country you should be able to support a family of four with one man’s income.  So help me God I would like to bring back some form of prohibition!
The Satanic are indeed dependent minded; we need to expose this fact in a peaceful manner as it will make for a better world.  I do not believe that people are born to be of dependent mind.  I actually believe that I could raise any baby born to be a good human being without a proclivity to be dependent minded.
Often we drink because we are unduly insulted by the dependent minded and therefore have low self esteem.  It is amazing what you will see when you stop using such substances; that is if you are not targeted with non-lethal active denial systems by the dependent minded.  The greatest crime in our education system today is when a child is bullied so that the satanic can live off his learning and mind.  This has indeed been a substitute for responsible teaching.
And who were the German monks?  Beer makers who subscribed to the German Purity law?  And what is the great shame?  The German Purity law was based on Jewish Food Purity Laws.  And today we have very little food purity laws that are obeyed.  I see so many fat black people and say to myself, “What would a person as fat as that ever think to complain about?” 

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Ps; For my next article I would like to write about when I first saw the tribe of Talmud Women walking down Kletsche Parkway or should I say, They first saw me.

PPS.  I hate writing this stuff but it comes so dag gumb easy and some Jewish Woman once encouraged me to do so, she liked this best of my writings, thought it was were my talent was.  I have not made one penny at this but I keep digging this hole for myself anyway.

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