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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Israel is our ally 03 10 2012

Israel is our ally?

How does this make any sense when the greater majority of United States Citizens 99% of us are not even welcome to walk in a Jewish Synagogue for mass?

Background.  When I was a boy I had a Jewish friend.  I was not allowed to go to the synagogue mass.  I wanted to see what it was like as I was curious that it might be a better religion.  Later in life I learned an important principal from another Jew in my life in the financial industry and that principal is the importance of transparency in financial dealings.

And to be fair I felt more at home working out at the Jewish Community Center than most other places.

But I just had to mention this point as it seemed relevant.  And that is if you are going to be exclusive with us why should we....

I wrote this and did not want to.  I was woke up this morning to the sound of a wind like beam.  Then followed a sinus headache with  the sound of painful voices and this is what transpired.  I can put two and two together.  Someone has an agenda for me that does not follow my constitutional rights of freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The dependent minded are of every religion.  And it is often the dependent minded that possess you to say and write negative things about them.  They do this so that they can label you a hateful person and steal your soul.  Once they get you to believe  you are a hateful person the guilt takes hold and you no longer love yourself.  What better soul to steal than that of a person who loves themselves?

It is kind of like, "You did something very hateful to me and sat back and enjoyed watching and hearing what transpired next."  The victim is then blamed for asserting their rights as a human being.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. It's kind of like, "We are so very holy but you are not invited."