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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weak Minded Freaks 03 15 2012

Weak Minded Freaks 03 15 2012

When your best asset is your strong mind the weak minded freaks will seek to use it against you by marginalizing all that you do.  Then when you too believe their hatred for yourself they seek to put you on medicine so they no longer have to hear you strong minds thinking.  They then blissfully believe themselves to be you.  When you come of your “mind poison” they then use non-lethal voice modulated weapons to harass you.  United States Colonel John Alexander admitted that contractors working with the United States Defense Department had developed this capability in 1991 on late night talk radio.
What does this technology promote and what has it promoted?  The weak minded nation that we have today.
How do you break a demonic possessor’s hold on you?  Think something like this, “His father was proud of him.”  Really any complement about them that they know is not true makes them very irritated.  Why because they know that it should be true and isn’t.  When you teach them plain truths like this regarding themselves they hate themselves and become even more dependent minded to you- in effect they hate you more. 

Critics of my philosophy would claim that it is this way all over the world so there is no point in protesting.  I would counter to them by saying, “And yes there were weak minded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki who thought the same way that you did.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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