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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bradford Beach 09 07 2012

There are not uniformed police officers at Bradford Beach.  The ones that are there are under cover and they are inciting violence. 

I have to wonder if there are undercover Milwaukee Police Officers who are paid to go to the beach and drink and cause trouble.  And they cry foul!

Only Chris Abele would clean up Bradford Beach and at the same time make it a haven for punk drunks looking for trouble.  Honestly there is no money to keep the County Park clean without selling Alcohol?  Bars charge at least $6 a bottle.  If you want to earn money in the state of Wisconsin to pay for everything we need new, like roads etc.  you tax that beer bottle sold at a bar for $4 a piece!

Who is Milwaukee trying to appeal to?  Drunk losers of the world from Chicago?  Does Chicago have Cabana huts like that on their beaches?

As for why I won't swim at Big Bay Park in Whitefish Bay it is  because there is a sewer pipe draining in right there.

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  1. Scott Walker visited troops in Kosovo. They were Wisconsin troops stationed there to combat the genocide. Ed Finn sent Milwaukee Police officers to receive more training in North Carolina to protect the Democratic National Convention.
    This is in response to the Sikh shooting. They must believe something is in the works after interviewing 180 people involved in the White Supremist movement?

    Be careful and wary because if the police are inciting violence at Bradford then anything with regard to the above movement can be regarded as incited by whom?

    What am I talking about? I just saw a Milwaukee Police Officer on television and he indeed was pushing and shoving in my path by the pavilion. There was also a woman associated with them who stepped in front of me and made a snotty comment. "Those two guys are bigger than you are?" All in plain clothes. I was always taught as a boy that Police Officers are to maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity.