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Friday, September 7, 2012

We gave China jobs and they loaned us money they didn't have 09 07 2012

We gave China jobs and they loaned us money they didn't have.  It has the makings of a Joan Jett song to it.

Let's see if I were a Chinese investor and loaned the U.S. all that money China did not have and then watched as the manufacturing base in the United States and hence economy started to falter would I be scared?

Zero sum game, China didn't have that $15 trillion to start with and now the U.S. doesn't either because China loaned it to use to buy Chinese manufactured goods.  What is the Return policy on all of those Chinese Goods?  They do have a lifetime warranty and quality guarantee?

So how can we owe them $15 trillion?  15 trillion of what?

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Two Inventions Needed 09 07 2012

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