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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inventions Needed A Shotgun that Shoots Arrows 09 26 2012

Inventions Needed A Shotgun that Shoots Arrows 09 26 2012

It would be pneumatically based.  And the back of the arrow might have a wad that falls off.  The arrow itself could have plastic spines spaced along it length that stabilized it as it exiting the muzzle.

This would be a gun that could be used close to neighborhoods that like it quiet.  It would be very safe and could also be used by sharpshooters hired by municipalities to hunt deer.

It might also satisfy a criteria for some state parks that do not allow gun deer season, in that there is no danger of it traveling a mile.

Off topic:  High schools might be able to bring back rifle teams if they were pneumatic based rifles, that could never be modified for rapid fire.  High Schools should be able to bring back rifle teams as they were though, it might take some time for society to change for the better in order for this to happen.

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