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Friday, September 7, 2012

Corporations are Unconstitutional 09 07 2012

Corporations are Unconstitutional 09 07 2012
Corporations are unconstitutional.  Why?  Because they have limited liability they often freely violate the worker’s rights without recourse.  And workers are United States Citizens.  So violating the Rights of a United States Citizen is indeed unconstitutional.
How did it get this way?  Corporations were not well known at the time the Constitution was written.  Or weren’t they?  Indeed Massachusetts it’s very self was a British Corporation!  British Corporations were granted limited liability because in effect they were Imperialist Pirates that acted in a mercenary fashion to obtain assets for the British Empire.  It is like the King saying, you have the right to do whatever you please and they did in conquest pirate like action.  Sounds a lot like how some of our rights were lost through Homeland Security wire tapping allowed- that is a violation of our Constitution of illegal search and seizure.  And although it came about in what seems to be a necessitated way I can tell you it is no longer justified and nor is it used for good purposes.  Events events….911 and the Oil Well head in the Gulf of Mexico owned by a British Corporation.  What they resemble is exactly like how a King would allow a Corporation to be formed to go out and do something that would otherwise be illegal.  Massachusetts was a British Corporation and what happened there?  What fomented the Revolutionary War?  It was an act by a British Corporation wasn’t it.  It had to do with Taxes on Tea and residents there not wanting to pay.  They tried to get their hooks in us and we said no, no we are free from you for good, and we spilled their blood and sent them back.
Presidents are sworn in to protect the constitution.  So which President let Corporations “happen” in America?  His name was James Monroe and it was the Supreme Court under him in 1819 that allowed them to be legal.  I will do a little more reading on him to determine how he might have benefitted from the instance of Corporation.  It is kind of like, He saw how Britain used Corporations granted by the monarchy to do clandestine operations so what was his goal?  How did he end up making money and why did he need limited liability.
But here is proof positive as to why Corporations are unconstitutional.
1.       Moving a workers job to another country that does not have our rights is a complete violation of the rights of an American Worker.  You could even go so far as to say that it is a jobs tax on the American Worker.  And who did indeed have the presence in Hong Kong?  It was British owned.  Also look at India as you think about the tax on the American worker caused by the same entity that incited the original Tea Party- the Corporation.  The current Tea Party which stole that name from a proud moment in our history is a blatant and treasonous fraud!  It is like the Devil calling himself Jesus Christ and going around and shaking everyone’s hand.  And the United States Constitution did indeed make us a country a lot like Jesus Christ in terms of our initial integrity in a world of nations.
2.      Making an employee sick is a violation of our Constitution.  If we just compare the effect the Corporate Structure has had on our country versus the Constitution you see that the Corporate Structure of limited liability is the antithesis of our Constitution!!!  That should be a great epiphany for you because you were always placated to believe something else.  You almost want to ask yourself, was there a movement by a foreign country to defeat democracy and the corporate business structure was the exact tool they used to do it?  England was indeed a country that had the corporate structure before the United States did and they indeed wanted control over America.  But the origins of the Corporate Structure go back much further. BURIAL GROUPS that formed in Rome!!!!  Do you see what the Tea Party of Massachusetts is balking and wearing the mask of dead patriots?  The Tea Party is composed of Financial Workers.  That industry is comprised of Insurance Companies.  And what is the exact same thing as a Life Insurance Company; it is a Burial Group- the initial corporation in the history of the world.  Why is it the exact same thing?  Because it has to do with legality and death.  And indeed Health Insurance Corporations do deny coverage to cancer patients and they die. That is a BURIAL GROUP.  That is Prima Fascia evidence and it is irrefutable!!!!  The analogy is, “We can kill and bury you and not be liable for our actions because we are a corporation.  What is the exact lineage of these evil people?  Essenes who demonized an exiled priest, to druids who tortured in the forest clearing, to Kings who tortured in dungeons, to Moors that created man women Gods, to Priests that molested boys, to Corporations that are really the same structures as a miniature Kingdom.  Scratch that Corporations are the greatest Kingdoms in the World today.  And what is a Kingdom?  It is a dictatorship!  And is the nature of a dictatorship a direct threat to our Constitution?  It is the greatest threat it has ever faced. It is the mind of Satan that does these things and it does not have a soul and it does indeed rely on the thinking of others.  That might be a typo because it is wrong to say that Satan has its own mind.  Satan hears the thoughts of others and creates others so that he does not have to think for himself.  Barrack Obama’s Health Care policy guarantee’s continued health insurance care coverage upon disability, but the only reason that it was agreed to was because it did not confront the issue that there is no such thing as Schizophrenia as they Corporations or Burial Groups would like you to believe.  The Schizophrenic is indeed the victim of the Satanic in our World.  The only reason that Obama’s Health Care passed was because it ensured that victims of the Satanic could receive free zombifying pills.  It makes it easy for them to put people on drugs.  You might be able to call someone crazy and get away with it but you lose out when they will not spend an American dollar to drug themselves.  What am I getting at?  The Satanic hear the thoughts of the Schizophrenic all their lives.  They abused them to create them.  When they become adults they believe that they should be able to live in blissful ignorance and not have to listen to the master of their school of thought.  Who is Elohim?  That is the name of God in Hebrew.  People were forbidden to ask who Elohim was?  Why are you forbidden to ask what the name of God is?  Most of us normal people would look up to the sky and say something up there that has no name.  Giving God a name or implying that he has one means that it is a human God.  God means the same thing as Lord.  And the English like to call themselves Lord all over the place.  England was indeed the land of Druids and they divined the future from sticking a knife in someone and looking into their eyes as they died.  I am digressing too much here, really wanted to just make a quick mention of Kings Dungeons.  But it appears that Rome adopted some of the Druids rituals.  I.e. Crucifixion.  Jesus a Jew took issue with that.  The Pope is also a Corporation.  Why does the Pope need to be a Burial Group; I mean why does he need limited liability and who indeed issued the Pope the Corporate Charter, Ah ha!  It can only be said that you can do bad things, earn money from them and get away with it.  And indeed what is a primary function of the Roman Catholic Church- funerals!!!  The exact same thing that originated the Corporation- a Burial Group.  And why does a burial group need limited liability?  Only if they want to bury people that are still alive well and kicking.  Somewhere around the fifth Century the Corporation as a Burial Group formed, so one has to ask who got killed on a mass scale next.
A Corporation cannot exist and make more money year after year without resorting to a crime or a violation of United States Citizens rights per our Constitution!  And that is exactly where we are today!  But they will just say that your Standard of living has nothing to do with them- burial groups.
In inventing the phrase buyer beware comes into play.  So if indeed you lose all your money because a corporation lost its right to not be liable for its actions that is something every good hearted American should have seen coming.  A good person knows not to invest in a company that causes cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  You were warned by me!  You should have known wrong from right but you denied it; you wanted to believe something else instead!   You knew something was wrong and yet you supported it.  Why?  Because you’re the type of person that was never told no so that you learned to repent when you heard it!
Many corporate actions are indeed unconstitutional.  And that is why the feeble minded have thrived in this economy- because they can’t compete on a fair playing field they thrive where they are never found liable for their actions!!!  This is the mentality of 1. Evil Essene Masters.  2. English Druids.  3. Torturing Kings of the British Monarchy.  And Jesus Christ was not an Essene, he might have served more in the role of spying on the Essene’s for his own good and curiosity.

3.       Corporation: This is not the business Structure of the land of the free and the home of the brave!  It is not a brave act to make a business decision when you know you won’t be liable for the consequences!  Just think about it, if General Custard had succeeded in America the exact business structure he would use would be the Corporation!  You could never get at him!!!!  Just like at the beginning of a chess game you can’t get that the King because he has pawns in front of him!  Those pawns are the American Workers and that CEO (Means President of a Corporation stands for Chief Executive Officer) …and that American CEO is more likely than not to be a Satanic coward!  That is the nature of a born and raised coward; they are never accountable for their actions.  The business world today is structured so only the feeble minded cowards are lent money!  The true thinkers and innovators are shot in the back by the General Custard Coward CEO’s!
IF YOU WOULDN’T MAKE A DECISION BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T HAVE LIMITED LIABILITY THEN YOU SHOULDN’T MAKE IT IF YOU DO EITHER!!!   That phrase right there strikes great fear in the black heart of Corporate America.  The only way a dependent minded person can compete with one who isn’t is if he creates a structure whereby he excludes the one who isn’t from the ability to succeed!  When you can’t earn a living using your own skills you can’t eat.  Violates the Principal of LIFE in the Constitution.
When you can’t profit from your own ideas because some satanic freak stole them you no longer have LIBERTY!
When you no longer pursue your dreams because a born and raised coward has stolen and capitalized on them you have lost your PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
This is why the Founding Fathers hated the monarchy of Great Britain.  The Revolutionary War was indeed Essene Druid Satan Coward versus Man!  Man won!  If Man won then man can win again!
If I were President I would deport every current registered Tea Party member along with Mitt and Paul Ryan to England!  You Go!  Either that or you will be declared an Enemy Combatant of the Revolutionary War who has somehow time traveled to today.  Anyhow the Time Traveling Vehicle that allowed the country to become populated with the Feeble minded Ivy League is indeed called a Corporation.  England had their hooks in the United States with the Corporation of Massachusetts where both Mitt Romney and Milwaukee Chief of Police Finn hail from and also ….wait for it…wait for it…HARVARD!  The Origin of the word Corporation does indeed stem from the word College.  It also means brotherhood.  I am getting to the part where Ivy League fraternities chant rape and have one thing in common, something that binds them together and it is gang raping young women brought back to the frat house.  Corporation does indeed also mean, All of one Body.  Read the Bible to see what Jesus said of both the Satanic and the All of one body and all of one mind.  If you are all of one mind it means you don’t have your own.
That is all for right now.   But this will be continued ad Nauseum, that means until you cough it up.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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