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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inventions Needed 09 18 2012

Inventions Needed 09 18 2012
1.        A turkey call that attaches to the stalk of your gun or to the frame of your bow.  This would allow you to not have to change hand position between calling in a Turkey and firing at it.
2.       Titanium or Cobalt coated hand files.  I consider metal files to be disposable.  They just get used up by me and dulled very quickly; no matter if I use them in the one direction they are to be used in or not.  A titanium coated drill bit is not much more expensive that a regular drill bit.  Why can’t cheap files at the hardware store have a titanium or cobalt coating?  The cobalt would be more expensive but the Titanium would seem to be an easy way.  And by the way does anybody in their right mind understand why some files don’t have handles?  It is absolutely ridiculous to buy a blister pack of files and find out that some of them don’t have handles.  It should be illegal to sell files without handles.
3.       All shorts made and sold on the market in the United States should have a pocket flap behind the waistband that is zippered.  This would allow one to quickly put their house key in the zippered pocket when the go out for a walk or run.  It is always an issue with me.  If you just put it in your pocket you could lose it because your pocket is not captive enough.  And indeed if all shorts sold on the market would have this pocket there would be a lot more healthy people because an impediment to going outside and exercising has been removed.  It is also good to have that pocket for when you want to go to the beach and swimming or when you want to use a gym and have a padlock key that you take with you when you swim and have put your gym back in a common locker that uses the padlock you brought with you.
4.       This last one isn’t an invention but it is a business Idea.  Call it Hondo racing track.  After all those who like to drive those little cars that I call Hondo’s and race them around the streets.  The city streets are no place to race those little Hondo type cars on.  So I got the idea.  That former Northridge mall site could be dynamited and a Hondo race track put there for those who like to race on the street.  Just sign a waiver when you use it and if you kill yourself it is your own fault and no-one else is liable.  At least you are driving fast in a place where innocent people are not likely to be hurt.
5.       Update on my idea of bulldozing drug houses.  So what can you put up instead if you don’t want to leave the land green?  There are very few libraries in the inner city or poor part of Milwaukee.  If two drug houses next to each other were bulldozed it would seem that a simple structure could be put up to serve as a library.  A concrete foundation, mostly glass walls and maybe some integrated solar panels to power it.  Building integrated solar panels should have already been mandated in all new construction.  But then I started to ask myself how does one manage a Library in the inner city?  To answer that question I asked myself how does one manage a business in the poor part of town?  That answer to that is that there are not many businesses in the poor parts of town.  What you see instead are liquor and tobacco convenience stores and they do indeed have trouble so it cannot be said that they know how to manage those businesses in the poor parts of town.  So to answer the question you have to ask yourself what types of activity are managed well in the poor parts of town that we can draw rules from in helping us manage a library such as the one I described.  The next thing I thought of was that public schools are part of the activity in the poor parts of town.  But then I came to the conclusion that public schools are not well managed because of the level of education.  So what else goes on in the poor parts of town?  You have churches in the poor parts of town. But they are only open on Sunday, so that doesn’t help much.  The conclusion I came to was to see what cities in the country or world thought of putting small libraries in the poor parts of town and what rules they found helped them manage them well.  Okay so I don’t have the research time to figure that one out and verify the results.  But here are the rules small libraries in poor parts of town would need.  1.  No food or drink in the library.  Why not?  Because it eventually attracts mice and then rats and then it needs to be bulldozed again.  2.  No loud talking in the library.  This should be a quiet place that does not promote distraction learning or thinking.  Society only declines when one child or adult distracts another from learning in an act of jealousy.  3. No vagrants in the library loitering (don’t like this one too much but some of these glass structures could indeed be homeless structures with similar management rules.  4. Of course no drugs or guns allowed in.  5.  There has to be authority in conjunction with the police department to have people disobeying the rules escorted out.  In other words when someone smarts off to the librarian they go and the police back up the community effort.  6.  Librarians might be elected by the community. Might have teachers license.  7. Might need a dedicated security guard that  maintain’s order and does not fraternize.  The fraternizing leads to disrespect.  Should just stand there like the Queens blackened cotton heads.  8. And I forgot to mention the modern cell phones.  None would be allowed in.  Could be locker checks on the way in or just leave them at home or in the car.  Actually every cell phone should have a switch that turns it on and dead off in less than one second.  Break the rule you leave. 

There are a lot of things like this that we are forced to take for granted today that are not conducive the peace and advancement of society.

And again these same types of structure or organization maintaining rules would work for this same type of building structure if it were a community workshop, a community homeless shelter or maybe even a community greenhouse for growing vegetables in the winter?

There might even be another type of structure like this call the Social place, where one could take their lunch to eat in a civilized manner.  Or sit and do typing type work in a social atmosphere, expecting to be distracted.  Community exercise facilities. 
I am indeed seeing the resurgence of the police call box.  And it is indeed being paired with consumer help lines that are outsourced to foreign countries.  But these structures could have those call boxes or cameras with internet connections where parents or community members can see what is going on but not hear?  Usually in our modern society staffing personal are stripped away from public service when budgets need to be trimmed.  It shouldn’t be this way because community standards degrade when it happens.

6.        I had another idea to list here but it got lost to the distraction of a voice.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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