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Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Avoid Getting Shin Splints 09 10 2012

How to avoid getting shin splints.  Running is one of the best forms of  exercise for your heart.  Many people cannot run because they get shin splints.  They are a pain in the shins believed to be caused by the ligament connective tissue tearing away from the bone. 
The way to prevent getting shin splints if you are prone to getting them is to never let the heels of your feet touch the ground when you are running.  That means that you are running on the section of your feet just behind the toes.  The secret to staying on your toes is; as soon as that section of your foot touches the ground pull back with that foot in stride.
This form of running will make you go pretty fast.  You will not be able to run like this if you have not developed your pelvic muscles just above your groin area.   And you will be better able to run like this if you are closer to your optimum weight level.  That means more muscle and less fat.
In as little as a month you will be able to get your resting heart rate down from 80 beats per minute to in the 60 range.
After strengthening my pelvic muscles and using this technique of running that I discovered for myself I am able to run a mile non-stop.  I am forty five years old and I was never able to run that far without getting winded and stopping.  Even though I was very strong all my life I could not accomplish this.  Indeed in grade school I could even do more pull-ups than anyone else.  But this form of running and strengthening my pelvic muscles has made me a healthier person.  Now when I run I do not get exhausted but instead refreshed.  I learned how to strengthen my pelvic muscles after undergoing physical therapy for a slipped disk in my back.  One other thing that the physical therapist told me was to let the hip’s fall in naturally when running.

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