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Friday, September 14, 2012

In Memory of Thomas Szasz 09 14 2012

In Memory of Thomas Szasz
Died 09 08 2012 from a fall

Regarding his death.  The satanic race has he technology to blank out a person’s synapses from a distance.  If you are zapped when you are walking down the stairs you can indeed fall.  They zap me all the time.  Do you know how you can tell?  Because if you have the AM radio on at the same time you are zapped there will be a crackle on the am radio.  This is electromagnetic based technology, essentially the same thing as the radio wave that Marconi an Italian Fascist perfected.  Colonel John Alexander of the United States Military admitted that the department of defense had developed synthetic telepathy by 1991.  They had it long before that, naval radio operators went mad one after another from microwave hearing in WWII.  And indeed Nikolas Tesla was trying to market a particle beam weapon long before either WWI or WWII in Europe!!!! (Read that in Investor’s Business Daily, a biography on him)

In addition to blocking your synapses when you have a good idea they also can transmit disease to you using William Reich technologies, they can drain the life out of you with this from a distance.  Not only that they have devices the size of cell phones that can give you a stroke.  Both myself and a black girl at the YMCA were knocked out when a black girl with one of these walked by us and pointed it at us.  A Russian woman was part of this one too.

Would you believe me if I told you that schizophrenics are actively kept to be mentally ill using this technology and other subtle based technologies?  The reason they are victims is because a great many people grew up hearing their thoughts instead of thinking for themselves.  This is indeed how Jesus Christ, a Jew, described Satan to be- soulless.  If you don’t have your own human soul you have to get it from someone else in this world if you want to “Fit In???”

This is the greatest secret in the history of the world.  If you read everything that I have written online you get an idea of what it truly is.  I have a book started with about 200 pages so far, the title is “Schizophrenia Really Is.”

This is such a horror that a victim will never get loving members of their family to believe it!!!  But it is true.  What you need to keep in mind is that there has never been a psychological profile of an English person who grew up with a prisoner in a dungeon.  The Essene’s raised their children under the mentor of an evil master juxtaposed against an exiled priest.  That exiled priest most likely means imprisoned.  And the Vondoon Moors who invaded and conquered a great part of Europe worshiped a man woman god- read what you want into that but I read it as they emasculated someone.  And of course there were the druids who liked to take you out in the woods and stick a knife in your gut and read the future from your twitching face as they looked into your eyes as you die.  Oh and I have to get into Adolph Hitler too.  It was rumored that Allister Crowley (Englishman) told Adolph that wealthy English Bankers who were Jewish sacrificed babies.  They had to have been druids that did this.  That was where the Druids were based the Western side of England.
I am not anti-Semitic.  I get along well with Jews.  But when the Romans invaded the area of Israel there were wealthy Jewish families that sided with the Romans.  They had to have been San Hadron.  And it is the San Hadron who said, “He knows what we do” regarding Jesus Christ before the decided to kill him.  Jesus Christ was indeed a king of the Jews. 

What am I getting at?  People always want to ask a Schizophrenic who is they?  Who is this They that you are talking about?  It is in the paragraph right above that is all they’s.  They are just a different type of person that never developed their own soul, instead they all live off the soul of one person; and that person is the schizophrenic.  The satanic victimize children so that every frame of reference and memory of that child is related to the satanic person that victimized.  The satanic person hears that victimized persons thoughts and thinking.  Think of this when you relate back to the Vondoon worship of the man woman god and also of the Catholic Priests widespread molestation of boys. The Satanic are right there with you all your life.  But about the time a person goes to college or graduates and finds a job away from home the satanic feel that they no longer need to hear the thoughts of the person whose soul they stole.  So they do their best to drive that person crazy through mental attrition.  The oxidative stress on the brain puts one into a stupor and the Satanic never believe that that person will have the mental strength to come back to normal from it.  And society does not want you to know the truth because they benefit when they do not have to do their own thinking.  But I say if you hear a person’s thoughts because you actively stole their soul then you are to hear them for the rest of your natural life and theirs until you die.  There can be no harassment or demonization or medication or active denial non-lethal weapons used against them.  You made that choice to hear someone else’s thinking and you as Jesus Christ a Jew defined you to be as Satan will live with it for the rest of your life and not complain.  Do you know what has happened?  We have had a legion of people in professional positions that do not belong in those positions because they do not have their own first person experiential developed soul.  I could also get into why people are born gay but that is another subject but I will touch on it.  When the women who drive a man from his soul by making him hear voices do this that soul is fragmented.  These women are doing that in order to put that soul into their babies and fetuses.  What happens though is that that soul is corrupted by the woman’s voice in the case of her baby being born male and by the warlock men’s telepathic voice in the case of that baby being born female.  Hence you have what I termed a transgendered soul; homosexual.

I could go on and on but the reality is that if you have schizophrenia you will find he Satanic everywhere you go. And they do indeed have your same mind!  They never developed their own and theirs is not as good as yours is.  If you are a schizophrenic it really means that you are what the Bible terms a living god.  Yes there were at least three of them mentioned in the bible.

The only problem that I have with all of this is the active denial technologies that are used to harass, demonize and victimize people. 

I like all people and indeed advocate peace just like Martin Luther King did.  Do you know that Martin Luther King was told by the FBI that he should commit suicide and that Martin Luther King was also assassinated?

With regard to much of what I write as I write it I am zapped with that tech and the next sentence that follows is not of my own mind, it is close but it has been derailed though.  I keep going on writing and switching the track back in the direction I want to go in.  That is the key to surviving Schizophrenia- always keep going forward and adapted, persevere and believe in yourself.  They don’t steal your soul for no reason they do it because it is a damn good one.   It is very hard to beat this but the way I eventually beat it was I said to myself, “If God wanted me dead I will die.”  Then I just finally went to sleep and slept.  When you get far along with this you will realize that those voices will become a source of energy.  They are very distracting though when trying to accomplish those things that require that nice relaxed working mind.  They like to screw that up……….

I will stand up for ANYONE who has been labeled schizophrenic to the day I die!

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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