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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Job Creation 09 02 2012

Mitt Romney’s Job Creation 09 02 2012
You can’t create jobs when everyone who should be doing manual labor won’t!  And you know who you are and how you really never learned anything for yourself.
And don’t think I am trying to ruin you; to the contrary that is what you seek to do to others.  We have to figure out how a man can do manual labor and raise a family.  That is how it used to be!
You can’t create jobs when 98% of the population lives a life of delusion.  No professional who drinks alcohol or abuses other substances is a professional; why not? Because they do not further the profession.  Why not?  Because drinking of alcohol and substance abuse is indeed an escape from the bad reality created in the profession.
Romney’s 12 million jobs would be created in the military industrial complex where your good sons and daughters will thereby be slaughtered in war by friendly fire.
The average American does not know the true meaning of work.  What they know is that they are happy if they can smoke, drink and overeat.  The average American is an abuse to Americans who liked to work.  If you ban alcohol and commercial tobacco you flush many Americans out of hell and into the reality of our world.  That indeed spurs change for the better.  Good God one in three idiot baby boomers have Hepatitis C!
It is human nature to like to work and want to work.  But that is not the nature that has been created in this country.
And you cannot create a working America by stealing the soul and skill set of the good son.  It is just not like downloading a video game or song.  Creating a workforce that sustains freedom is not easy.  Hard decisions will have to be made and they are not the ones that those who should be doing manual labor will want to accept.
Maybe Marco Rubio’s father should have been the Politician and not him!  Those are the kind of people I would listen to.  Legitimate Americans who have their own soul and skills!  No human being or blue collar worker would ever support the wealth class stealing souls for financial gain in the stock market.  If the American worker knew that the Financial Sector thrived on stealing the souls of good sons and labeling them schizophrenic, they would be appalled!
No hard working human being would ever support the same stealing of souls in order to fix the odds in major league sports to the advantage of the house!
Yet this is all true.  It’s true and you don’t want to believe it’s true.  It is the underground dark economy and it is at the heart of the Right Wing Movement!
If the Bible is indeed true and the first will be last and the last will be first, Mitt Romney, Organized Crime, The Occult, The Military Industrial complex, Secret Society members; all will be working at jobs that are the equivalent of a hydraulic washer press operator.  And if Barrack can’t tell what good he has done for the poor uneducated blacks in the inner city after four years…because he is first he will get to operate the hydraulic washer press that is the oldest and needs the most repair.  Why?  He can study that and learn a basis on how to repair things from IT.  I tell you what, I will give him Mitt Romney to stand by his side and help him.  It appears that the upper classes of both political parties are like rotten apples.
And how do these inner city people afford those cell phone bills?  I for the life of me cannot understand how the poor afford cell phones?  But you see them talking on them wherever you go!  I do not want to speculate and stereotype that they are all part of the drug trade and crime or occult but what other conclusion does one come to?
That cell phone bill should be no more than the cost of the electricity.  That fixed asset structure should be seized and maintained by the United States Government.   All it should take is a skeleton crew to operate something of that nature.
Okay so this article is about jobs.  We cannot create jobs when the standards of business have fallen to the low level of third world countries.  We cannot create jobs when the rights of our human being employees are violated!
One more final point; the limited liability of the corporate structure has not lead to the United States becoming more competitive; it has lead to just the opposite- jobs being sent overseas for reduced labor costs.  For the life of me I cannot understand why Mitt Romney, who is supposed to possess great business acumen, doesn’t get it!
China?  You would not even see me sitting at the same dinner table with a member of a government that has so little regard for human rights!
So how have we become a bushel basket full of rotten apples?  Corporations were not able to year to year increase earnings per share without resorting to becoming evil!  The notion that a limited liability corporation can increase earnings per share year over year indefinitely and still conform to the Constitution of the United States in every way is a falsehood.  It cannot be done!  So what has happened?  When Corporations have been found liable for crimes via the judicial process they have not had to pay those fines on a timely basis!  They cheated right there.  And they cheated you and me.
So they wanted the easy life.  Okay our waters contain PCB’s and they are in all of our bodies to some percentage today and they are known to cause delayed development- otherwise known as mental retardation!  That alchemy economy has created a nincompoop work force at every level.  (It does not take much to entertain a nincompoop and keep them happy; they find stories of human misery very funny!)
Is it just me who breaths the air today and finds it does not feel good in my lungs.  There is a great difference in air quality between the city and the forest.  And those who smoke tobacco will never be able to recognize it and don’t want to.  Let me try and explain it to you; cigarette smoking causes lung damage.  Lung damage causes less ability to get oxygen to the blood cells.  Less oxygen to the blood cells means oxygen deprived flesh; including reproduction.  And that means developmentally delayed children prone to only be of the satanic mind.   Let me explain it a little more, oxygen deprived sperm meets oxygen deprived ova and they fall in love?  And the math on that hand written restaurant bill from the restaurant delivery never added up correctly and I finally figured out why!  He/ she can’t add for themselves and never could!!!
Satanic mind, feeble mind, retard, delayed development, it’s all the same and you better get used to that description.   Isn’t that the same lobby group that puts Mitt Romney in the Lead Generals spot?
To get more to the point- you wanted the easy life and you went to great extremes to MAKE THAT POSSSIBLE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN.  What has resulted is that your newer generations will be what I will create a new term to describe them with, “Easy minded.”
“What is a matter with that person by the side of the road?” my son will ask me.
“He is an easy minded Druid.”
“You say that because he is drewling at the mouth.”
“There is more to it than that.  Stay away from them.”

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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  1. What's next John Boehner to become the physical fitness idol of the country while at the same time extolling the virtuous wonders of smoking tobacco?

  2. PS if you think of the National debt as borrowed money mis-lent for profit in order to support the unsustainable and irresponsible corporate structure of sequentially higher profits and of that money being LOST and gone to provide for luxury houses and cars, you are accurate.

    You cannot squeeze that money back out of blue collar worker because it was already squeezed from them.