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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Want to Know Who Made Money in the Stock Market Crash of 1929

I Want to Know Who Made Money in the Stock Market Crash of 1929

It was a very long time ago.  But considering what happened afterwards we should know.

Is there a way that tax records from that time could be searched?  I would believe that our Government might find it in the best interest of the Public if at least they thought it might be responsible to find that out?

If Homeland Security has the right to watch your every move in your home and influence you with synthetic telepathy I would believe that the President of the United States would have absolute authority to see who made money during the stock marker crash of 1929, the stock market crash of 1987 and of course the unexpected SEPTEMBER 11 2001 better known as 911.

But we have not seen anyone who would step up to the plate about any of this.  Oddly enough we know that Mitt Romney made money from the Mortgage Crisis and yet that does not seem to bother any United States American Voters from the Republican Party!  Makes you sick doesn't it?

Apparently there are some of us who cannot compete with those of the General Public so they are against those of the General Public and profit from them. 

"Blood of Christ."

 It is still Sunday so I'll paid homage to the Sabbath.  If you look at the way the United States was founded it did indeed stand out as the Country of Christ.   You could have listed all the countries in the world and asked the question which country is most like Christ and I believe most people in the world would have said the United States.  It is no longer true.  Mexicans believe it is though :)  With the right Government in place Mexico could be a beautiful place to live; it has great natural resources and landscape, being closer to the equator it should even cost less to live there- right?

I was thinking about the status of Illegal Aliens in the United States and the conclusion I come up with that is true to myself is, "It is hard enough for the Americans who are legally here already to make a living!!!"  You would think the priority would be a focus on those who are here already.

I am alone in a world of the fantasy of others.

You know what I would do if I was President of this Country?  I would take away your alcohol and tobacco!  I would take great delight as you screamed and ran for the borders from reality shock.  Am I right?  It all falls apart (evil that is) if you do not have forms of escapism!!! If I take away your forms of escapism then maybe you will seek to escape from the United States of America.  You know what I would have to do then?  It would be like one of those contractual membership cancellation fees of our modern business climate.  And it could be assessed by the inverse of how much value I believe your lack of presence would cost the United States.  But better yet it would be in the fine print so you would never figure it out until you had sold your house and were just about to use transportation to cross the border by air, sea or land.

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