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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Real Nature of the Tea Party Then and Now 09 28 2012

The Real Nature of the Tea Party Then and Now 09 28 2012

When I was a boy learning history in grade school I could never understand why the colonist threw the tea over the side of the boat in the Boston Tea Party.  I thought, “The Tea must have been bad.”  Of course I asked the question in class and the answer was that it was meant to make a bolder statement.  I would have thought a bold statement would have been to set the tea on shore and sink the ship.
We know from our Biblical history that those crucified Jesus Christ a Jew (the word means blessed one) offered to give him the herb Myrrh to ease the pain of crucifixion.   That was 2000 years ago.  The predecessors to our modern English Country are indeed the Druids.  They were bad people that liked to stick a knife in your chest and read the future from your dying twitching face.  What else do we know about England that is relevant?  The English were into the art of Alchemy.  It is the basis of modern chemistry.  The English Language does indeed have its roots in Germany.  The druids indeed advanced to the point where they no longer had to go to a clearing in the forest to stick a knife in someone’s chest; instead they built castles with private dungeons and also Griffins on top.  You snoop around a monastery and you will see the symbolic imagery of a Griffin there.  It is like a cross with the tines bent down to look like a Griffins wilted ears.
My eighth grade Catholic School teacher told us that you are set in your ways by the age of 10 years old and are unlikely to change from that.  I never really understood what that meant until I have come to realize for a fact that some people are raised to be dependent minded to the souls of others.  Jesus Christ called them satanic.  I believe the condition is due to alcohols influence on the fetal and early childhood development.
But why does the Tea Party call themselves the Tea Party?  It makes absolutely no sense.  What industry does the Tea Party represent?  Life Insurance, Health Insurance and the financial industry.  What has always been a sticking point with regard to health insurance?  It has always been the preexisting condition.
We know very well that the monarchy of Great Britain did not like the Freedom of America and what it meant.  The question is, “Would they go so far as to lace the tea that they sent to America so that the population could more easily be controlled and the country comes under British rule?”  Remember that as early as the time of Jesus Christ people were familiar with how to drug others, per my memory it was also prevalent during the time of the Pyramids.  Could you imagine Jews going to Egypt and being drugged and forced into slavery?
I think that tea might have been laced with something otherwise the colonists would have sank the ship and kept the tea.  The Satanic develop into Griffin like children by the age of ten and are set in their ways as being dependent minded.  The whole nature of the Republican Party and the Tea Party and our current President Obama is to ensure that people who others are dependent minded to are kept on mind numbing medicine and die early.  Why because once a person has been reinforced and had their mind programmed to be a Griffin that is really a dependent minded person they are that way for life.  I have to ask the question if the Sanhedrin who sold out Israel and less rich Jews in Israel, and also Jesus Christ- were wine growers?  Women!!! Women begged to have this good man killed.  That doesn't sound like the nature of my mother!!!! It would support my belief as to how people become dependent minded and cannot get out of it without destroying the life of an intelligent adult.  A college professor once told me that some adults become like children when they are talked down to.  I never really understood this.  But the reason it is true is because when they have to face the strength of the soul of a blessed one standing up to them they revert to the soul they had as a child.  When you stand up to them they no longer have your stolen soul and because they have no soul of their own that they developed they revert to the mind of a child.
I am for fairness and the rights of all people so keep that in mind when you read this next part.  General Grant of the Civil war Union side ordered an immediate eviction of all Jews in some southern states; they had to leave their homes within 24 hours.  The Union army did indeed win the Civil war and black people were freed from slavery.  But I can tell you from reading in between the lines that an eviction notice like that could not have come into being without the approval of Abraham Lincoln.  How did Abraham refer to them when they protested directly to him and he revoked the order, “The children of Israel.”  Not adults but children.  No God of any Bible would ever legitimize slavery.  Another interesting thing in History is that Sephardic Jews were evicted from Spain in 1490.  Columbus, that is a Spanish name, sailed for America in circa 1492.  They were headed to India- what might that have had to do with slavery?  And did the Moors in Europe have something to do with procuring slaves in from Africa to America later on in history?  Many of the exploration parties were indeed set up as Corporations so that the home country could not be made liable for acts of war the committed in pursuit of economic development.  The Corporation though goes back to about 400 ad Rome where people formed Burial Groups.  Does that sound like the basis for modern life insurance?  Does the knife sticking in a person and reading the future of the dying person of the English Druids sound like the nature of modern casualty insurance?  How about Spain and accurately predicting house gambling odds?  Monaco the center of Gambling.  The Sephardic Jews who were evicted from Spain settled in the Mediterranean?  Does that sound like Sicily the homeland of the Mafia?  Mitt Romney having money in Non-American bank accounts?  That sounds like he has a real belief in America doesn’t it.  Sephardic means shepherd.  What does that mean?  It means that you aloofly view people as sheep and not blessed ones.
The Satanic are all around you today and they are not organized by religion they are organized by demonized souls they are dependent upon; that is what they have in common.
There is no such thing as Schizophrenia.  Schizophrenics are the living Gods mentioned in the Bible.  They are also the victims of the Griffins of English Druids.
Every word of that is true.  I do not enjoy writing any of this.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. Was Lincolns wife demonized and made crazy by Griffins?