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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama Lifted in bear hug by Pizza owner 09 11 2012

Obama Lifted in bear hug by Pizza owner 09 11 2012

Obama went to Law School, that was an Assault.  Now he did not say anything about it and indeed it looked to be a staged event because of how the camera angle was situated.

But in this country you have the right to use like force when being assaulted.  That man who lifted him in the air like that could have easily killed him, either by breaking his back or driving the air from his lungs.  I have a slipped disk in my back and quite simply I might have considered knocking him out.  And if it was me and I did I SHOULD not be found guilty of anything because it was in self defense. 

And we really don't know if someone will stay true to the intention of their initial smile when they gain control of us, so it is best not to let them... upper cut would do it.


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