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Friday, September 7, 2012

What is not the Catholic Promise 09 07 2012

What is not the Catholic Promise 09 07 2012
Nowhere in the Catholic Faith does it promise you that your soul will be restored!  Do you know why?  Because a true human soul cannot be destroyed.
The Catholic Faith does promise that your body will be restored.  What does that mean to a person that does not have a human soul?  That is the promise that you will be restored to the lower life form that is comparable to whatever type of soul that you have.
If you dun others for their soul it means that what you believed to be your human body will not be restored.  You can not have your human body restored if you do not have your own human soul.
Isn’t that just the greatest trick in the book.  You thought that you could skate through life riding someone else’s back and that you were promised that your body would be restored after death and it was.  You look at yourself in the pool of water to see that you are a duck.  Your body was indeed restored to you.

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