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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Take on the Democratic Convention 09 07 2012

My Take on the Democratic Convention 09 07 2012
1.      Stable foundation Head Start promises?  Is this about the children who are being raised to be the equivalent of Hitler Youth?
2.      Emanuel? (sp?)  Emanuel that is the name of some Fat Greek Woman Porn they used to show on HBO in the late 80’s.  Emanuel said that the next four years there will be a crisis and that Barrack Obama says not on my watch.
3.      Devon Patrick (Sp?)  “Government should be kept out of our most private affairs.” ( **** A five stare comment.)  I hope he doesn’t mean that he is free to procure the souls of others.  “Time for Democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe.”  *****“Republicans made Obstruction itself a public policy.”*****  He commented that experiential learning brought one school from the worst in the state to the best in the state.****  ( I have been saying that ad nauseum.  That first person experiential learning is better than Satanic based distraction learning.  Distraction learning always involves some form of bully.)  Something about no access to nutritional food.  (Of Course Devan we can only buy Corporate Food.  Wow now there is an idea I just thought of!!! School cooks making trucked in farm fresh vegetable lunch dishes.)
“The Maryland 400 saved the American Army.”  Not sure what he is talking about.  Will have to look this up.  It makes a shadow gestalt comparison to the Tuskegee airmen.  Well get busy and start saving.
“Romney wants to take America back.  Back to what?” *****  Massachusetts where Romney was Governor was initially a British Corporation!  Get it?  If not just read my blog articles at will regarding what I have to say about Kings and Essenes and more recently Druids.
Martin Omally (Sp?)  His father Tom flew 211 missions over Japan.  It means that he does not come from a highly privileged family in my point of view.  Good man good to hear him speak.
Is Romney’s plan to take over Cuba, ruin the U.S. and wait it out in Cuba?  Make Cuba the new Money Laundering Bank for the Likes of Romneys.
Julian Castro  “Seven Presidents before Obama tried to expand health care- none of them got it done!  The American Dream is a reality.”  Not so fast if Romney gets in there was a provision in that bill that could allow him to nix it quick.

AS I LISTENED TO THIS COMMENTARY ON THIS DAY I THOUGHT, MAY I NEVER FORGET MICHELLE OBAMAS WORDS AND WHAT A GOOD PERSON SHE IS AND WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN.  You will see that my mind quickly turns on her in a successive article.  The reason being is that I don’t really want to write any of this.
Michelle Obama
“The best way to take care of yourself is to own your health.”
The car that Barrack picked her up in was so rusted out that she could see the road under her feet.
Her father was a pump operator at the city water works and had MS.
She said that Barrack was just like her.
Her mother worked at a bank.  Men she trained were moved up the corporate ladder ahead of her. ( I can greatly identify with her mother.)
As President all you have to guide you are the values and vision and what makes you what you are.
With regard to the Automotive Companies.  I believe that the Republicans did not think that a black man could save them.  With a little prodding he did and it was easy, all he had to do was write the check.
“No one should go broke because of an accident or an illness.”*****+++  I would go a little further and say that people should not be farmed for health bills by the use of William Reich Technologies.
Her and Barracks combined student loan bill was higher than their mortgage.
“Barrack turned down high paying jobs in and in local communities in Chicago.”   I believe the reason he did this was because he got some insight into how horrible the corporate world and its people were.  Well that was my experience when I was in Chicago.
A woman was dying of Cancer and an Insurance Company would not pay her bill. 
(That is the nature of a Burial Group- the first Corporation ever formed.  Health Insurance companies do not have United States values, that is Prima Fascia evidence right there.  Not only that, it is the Deprivation of LIFE as guaranteed by the Constitution.
“Barrack never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the voice.”  To me that means that he is part of the cause of those who are labeled schizophrenic. 
“Doing the impossible is the history of this Nation!”  She see’s it too! Hence the use of the word history!
“You start listening to the Republicans and you say I liked that point there and that point there but not that one.  You listen to the Democrats and you say, How did I ever forget who I am?” TPM
Okay those are my notes from that night.  You will see how my writing turned against them in the next article.  I will tell you that I am negatively influenced by those who would make me hear voices that I cannot easily get away from.  But I always try and remain logically and truthful with regard to what I write no matter who is trying to influence me. So bear that in mind when you read the next article.

Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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