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Sunday, September 30, 2012

White Pages 09 30 2012

White Pages 09 30 2012
Wouldn’t it be great if we had a phone book that had everyone’s phone number and address in it like it used to?  We can’t even get that right.  They couldn’t get it right and they waste the paper anyway.
Wouldn’t the small business man the Republicans are always championing benefit from a phone book that was legitimate?
Wouldn’t law enforcement benefit from a phone book that was accurate?
Shouldn’t the white pages also list the businesses a person owns after their name with address and phone number?
Why should some people get to hide?  And what of people who are making the decisions regarding our country via money, influence, politics, Corporate leadership; why can’t we know what their number is and where they live?
What’s my point?  The economy could be drained of all money and no one would have to answer for anything or anybody?  You may have limited liability but that does not free you from accountability.
Why would someone have to pay to use an online phone book that is likely mining government data when that data should be in the white pages?  How much paper is wasted on the White Pages.
If there is property sitting vacant maybe we could also have a reverse lookup white pages so that we can see who owns that property.  Why?  Because maybe there is a person who would indeed want to open a business there; and again that would be an authentic championing of the needs of the small business person. 
It just bothers me that services that were free to the public have been capitalized as businesses.  It happened with television, the phone book, what else?  So to raise our standard of living we have to pay for what was once free?  It all lessens our standard of living and productivity.
How smart is a business man that looks at a service that is free to the public and finds a way to charge the public for it?  We also see it in bottled water.  Politicians handing out the rights to what were free services to corporations?  And once it is within the corporate structure the cost of it will rise because that corporation has to make more money year after year on the bottom line to justify it being a corporation; because if it doesn’t its credit rating sinks and it cannot raise capital.  So what was once free then becomes something that will likely rise faster than the general rate of inflation.  And the serviced you end up paying for will not be of the quality of the original free service.
That is giving away the taxpayers money.
If you stand back and look at it; it looks like it is the framework for a great economic decline.
Copyright 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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