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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Voices You Hear 09 19 2012

The Voices You Hear 09 19 2012

The standard of humanity was too hard for them to maintain, so these people presume themselves to be you!
The voices displace your own thinking and when you cannot hear yourself think both your mind and soul have been stolen.
A three year old walking around blissfully living in your whole life story, only that three year old is really 48 years old!!!  A 48 year old person with the core mind of a three year old!!! 
So what happens when that 48 year no longer is able to hear the soul that was collectively stolen?  It has to steal another soul and displace it with its own negative thoughts!  Those negative thoughts that the three year old in the 48 year old's body are transferred to a unsuspecting person and their mind is displaced from them.  In effect they cannot hear themselves think and are subject to the will of the three year old in the body of the 48 year old.  That person who has had her/his thoughts displaced by a horrific and feral imagination then goes on a school shooting spree and kills citizens and police officers too.  This is the construct with regard to how the devil has hidden its identity in the world.
To you who have been labeled schizophrenic how can you know that it is truly your soul that has been stolen?  How can you prove it to yourself to give yourself confidence?  It is very simple, absent the voices and the medicine your own self returns to you very quickly.
So how can you make a three year old in a 48 year old's human body repent and change?  You can’t!  It would be like trying to take away their milky bottle.  Can you imagine if that three year old in a middle aged persons body was given a weapon that could make people sick from a distance?  A weapon based on Tesla/ fascist Marconi particle beam technology?  A voice modulated microwave weapon that could hurt an adult that tried to use their own mind and think?  A weapon that could blank out the synapses of thought when a person first has a great idea so that they would not believe in themselves?  This is a reality you will never believe in until it happens to you and it can be proven.
Schizophrenic, if you trail-blazed a good life and learned great things by taking intelligent risks they are not going to give up your soul!!!  And it is big big business for them not to!
The wealth of those who work in television did not come from themselves and they know it; some even openly admit it on television, but it does no good for use because it does not serve as evidence nor stop use from being abused.
When Jesus Christ died he turned his back on this earth as he sat in heaven.  The dark ages followed.  Adult’s asserting the underdeveloped will and self control of animals leading the world to rot.
As an adult that child will actually get tired from watching you work in its mind’s eye!  So what does it do?  It seeks to ruin your ambition.  What is the result to society?  High unemployment!
If you completely isolated an adult who has the stolen soul of others, after three days its mind and soul would revert to that of a three year old.  You would be able to hear that immature brat in their voice and speech!  Is this what Jesus meant when he said he could rebuild the Temple that the house of David built over many years in three days????
So at the treatment center you look in on them, those who had lived a life of soul theft and in a gentle and loving voice we say, “Would you like graham cracker or some orange juice?”
…silence in response.
“Can you understand what I am saying?”

Patient nods head.
“Do you know why you are here?”
“It has been proven that you have taken something that doesn’t belong to you.”
“What have you drugged me with?”
“Nothing.  You are starting over in life.  You are going to learn how to be a human being!  You will like being one!”

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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