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Friday, September 7, 2012

Who didn’t serve in WWII and why Not 09 07 2012

Who didn’t serve in WWII and why Not 09 07 2012
There was a fire that destroyed all those records around the year of 1973.  The early 1970’s were full of corruption.  Around that time you saw Kennedy assassinate and Nixon found guilty of wire tapping.  Interestingly enough our Homeland Security makes it legal today.  That is an illegal search and the only reason it is done is to figure out, “Who knows what!”  If you have nothing to hide and are leader of integrity you have no need to figure out “Who knows what!”
Nixon was a criminal and he betrayed the Constitution of the United States.
But if we assume that the fire that destroyed what we are to presume to be the only records of those who served in WWII was an act of arson we have to ask ourselves why?  And that leads to all kinds of questions.
1.       Was the draft allocation process really not a random act?
2.      Where there people who were eligible to serve that did not and if so why not?
3.      We know that medicare fraud is quite rampant.  For example a woman claiming to take care of children she does not and receive a check.  We also know that a Hispanic man posed as a former General to run for Governor of Arizona.  That begs the question, were their people who claimed to be those who served in WWII but did not in order to receive their benefits.
4.      The flip side of number three is.  Were there people who served in WWII that could not prove it because of the fire and therefore did not receive benefits?  We already know for a fact that many veterans who come back from Iraq are homeless.  Ivy League Barrack ended the war and created a homeless class of veterans.  Prima Fascia says that is true.
5.      Then the question becomes if it was an attempt to deny benefits then who orchestrated it?
What was the demographic of those who did not serve in WWII.  There is a way to figure out who did not serve in WWII on an individual basis so why can’t they do it for every individual?  It would be very easy way to figure out who served in WWII and we should do so in order to study those demographics and see just who didn’t.  It might be very telling.  What is the point?  The point is that if the demographics showed that certain groups did not serve it means that the draft was not a random draft.  So who didn’t serve?  Was it banking employees?  Was it tavern league members?  Was it Protestants or Mormons or Lutherans?  It would be very interesting to know.Or was it all the Ivy Leaguers.  Do you know that Harvard is indeed a Corporation and the origin of the word Corporation is that of a body.  In fact the first Corporations in history were of Roman Burial Groups.  You don’t have to read between the lines with that last sentence to figure out what it means.  I will explain how Corporations are anti Constitutional in another article and how a stipulated clause, a fine print item that exists in our country that completely defeats the freedom of Democracy and our Constitution.  Who were Kennedy’s known enemies?  The mafia and the Ivy league.  Right there you have both modus and operandi.

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