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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What happens when children are raised satanically 09 19 2012

What happens when children are raised satanically?  They end up hating both reality and truth.  And because they hate the truth they cannot be taught in the public or private educational systems. 
Being raised satanically means that they are being taught to demonize someone and make them hear voices in order to actively steal their soul.
The sad reality of the race of the Satanic is that they would rather fight a man for his soul then their own selves in order to try to learn for themselves.  That is how a coward is defined isn’t it.  Rather than taking the risk of trying and failing to learn and reflecting on their failures in order to learn they would fight an adult for their soul.
Later in life they hate themselves and have no outlet for that hatred other than to join with their children and demonize again as when they were young.  Quite a few do indeed end up committing suicide.  They never wanted to form their own selves and eventually found out their was nothing to themselves that they developed that gave them true self esteem. But it was a choice they willfully made and actively reinforced.   Instead of destroying themselves they should have been forced to fight through their own stupidity and learn in humility.  They should have also been taught how to break an attachment to someone their parents demonized for them.  But it does not happen this way when the parents are reprobates that encourage it.
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