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Friday, September 7, 2012

Corporations Continued 09 07 2012

Corporations Continued 09 07 2012
So you form a corporation because it give you limited liability.  It sounds like you have the intent of doing something wrong.
The first corporations in the history of the world were Roman based Burial Groups.  Sounds like you want to kill people without worry.  Who did the Romans want to kill?  They killed Jews!
Fast forward throughout history and we also see Burial Groups acting on a Mass Scale.
1.      Ireland the well orchestrated Famine.
2.      America, Revolutionary War Victims, Slavery Victims and Civil War Victims, and now victims of fragmented souls.
3.      Germany- Jews.
4.      Africa- Darfur
5.      There are a lot more of these to mention, Including Saddam Hussein, but I do not want George Bush to regain confidence.  Remember George himself is of Ivy League and that is the largest Burial Group in the Country.
These are all burial group sites sponsored by something that has limited liability.
If you look up the Origin of the word Corporation it meant- college!  Does it really mean school of thought?  As in a school of thought wants to kill their master of thought?
Obama hails from Harvard.  I see all Corporations today as being extensions of College Fraternities!
Burial Group? Tesla, Marconi, the U.S. bringing Nazi Scientist back to here after WWII, that sounds like the activity of a Burial Group.
The Financial Management Industry includes Life Insurance and Health Insurance- that sounds like the activity of a Burial Group.
Modern Burial Groups are said to pay very little taxes.
One Statistic that we have not seen is what percentage of our National Debt is owed by Burial Groups.  Just look at it this way, the Treasury lends money it receives via the Federal Reserve to the major banks who loan it out to American Consumers.  Consumer Debt is very high.  But isn’t that money owed by Banks back to the Treasury?  Meaning if our Banks lent that money to all the consumers who spent it, isn’t it really the Banks liability?  That liability is floated forward as the Bank Executives buy themselves Luxury Cars via the accounting system that says two for you and one for me.  That is one of the reasons that our Banking system does not hold up to reality. But the way the banks clear themselves is they don’t have to pay it back- the taxpayer ends up footing the bill for consumer debt loaned out by the banks.  The Banks would argue that businesses would not receive money if consumers did not have money to spend and that is a good point.  But what is a better point is that people live in misery because they cannot pay back the banks for consumer debt and the jobs are all overseas because it made better Corporate or Income Statement sense.  And the Income Statement is what banks use to judge whether they should loan money to a Corporation or not.  Do you see how it turns around on itself like a snake?
The other way the bankers protect themselves is that it is Bankruptcy Law that if you go Bankrupt you get to keep your house and car.  So what do they do?  They buy themselves the most expensive houses and cars for when that day comes.  We can change this law to state that Bankers and Tea Party Activists and Affiliates do not get to keep their house and car.

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