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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inventions Needed: Automated ticketing system for tailgaters

Inventions Needed:  Automated ticketing system for tailgaters 09 13 2012

Too often when we are driving on the highway or city there are those who tailgate us.  The law as I remember it said that you are to maintain the two car length rule.  And sure their are times when that rule is broken because common sense reaction is needed to avert an accident.  But many people on the road today act like they should not have a drivers license.

So if a car is going over a certain speed, say 20 mph it should not be following close behind you.  This system would detect that car via a laser distance ranger and automatically send a picture of that license plate to the police department to send a ticket to the cars owner.

The system could also be activated by the driver of the car who is being tailgated.  He presses a button the laser range finder confirms his assertion and the relay of the photograph of the license plate with the distance away from the drivers car and the speed of the drivers car is relayed to the Police Department and a ticket is issued.

Who knows if this system were in place the highways might not be as congested?  And there would be less stop and go accidents on the highway?  The system might even warn the driver who is tailgating to back off if he/she isn't aware of the action.  It could be part of a collision avoidance system. 

Also I believe that there is nothing more effective when driving and you have to slow down real quick that to hit the breaks and then use to foot to pedal the brake a few times so that the driver behind you takes notice that you are slowing down quickly.  This feature could be integrated into a car or not.  I like to tap the pedal to activate the brake lights in this manner.  It might lose its effectiveness if it were standard.

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