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Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Am Coming in Your Room Again 09 02 2012

I am coming in your room again.
Or alternatively titled:  Catholic Priests and Adult Orphanages.
I think they had such a rotten childhood that once they become “Lord of the Flies” they are not going to give it up.
I think they were abused all throughout childhood and that because of this they never formed the souls of adults.
The abuse and trauma drove their souls from them.  Hence they are soulless and seek the souls of others.
They need therapy but we have yet to recognize how the satanic were created and how to treat them.   And indeed how can you treat someone who is like this?  The only way you can treat them is to send them back to a grade school for adults; adult orphanages!
Left as is they need to form attachment to a human soul and to them that means molesting children and thereby believing themselves to be, in complete delusion, the child of good parents!
Left to their own devices they only ruin good families and create more bad people like themselves- at a young age!!!
They are hard to reform because the childhood trauma was too great and too frequent.  There is not basis of personal development that they can look back to!  No truly good and happy times in childhood that they can use as a basis for change as an adult.
And as adults they don’t even know how to recognize happiness from within themselves.
Once again, the abuse and trauma was too great and too frequent that once they become adults they do not have their own memories!  Instead they have a “Semite” (from the root word semen) memory of being someone else.  They covet those memories, seek those individuals out and demonize them to make a connection to their soul.  Every person who hears voices is a victim of the soulless.  And the main triumph of the soulless is when they can medicate the victim of soul theft and thereby themselves live without anything that contradicts their blissful delusion of being that person.  They actively train children how to become what amounts to Griffins!  Why because they have endless energy!
How can I prove this?  Start to talk to them and segue way (means switch) the conversation to the era of their childhood.  What you will see next is that the look on their face will change to one of complete distaste and they will try and ESCAPE from both the topic and your presence!  (And you never molested anyone.)
There needs to be a term for the real memories one person has of another’s life derived from them in an evil way.  “Catch a falling star memories” puts too nice of a connotation to it.  “Stolen memories” is accurate but a watered down colloquialism.  “Satanic Memories” is more precise!
What is a person that does not seek to live based on their own memories?  That is a person who wants to start life over!  That might be a key to finding treatment for them.
Video pornography in any form facilitates wealth creation by the devil satanic.  Why?  Because he/she and unisex want to capture those disseminated memories of good lives! 
The Satanic seek the good life as an adult by stealing the memories and souls of good children and good adults!  It is a sickness the reality of which is hidden from the general public.  And Catholic Priests make up a very small percent of the great prevalence of this sickness.
The memories of childhood always go right back to the anchor points of trauma.  And the great trick in our world is that if they can make someone they are abusing believe they are someone else they can then disassociate that person from the abuse and the formation of their own soul!  This is why God abhorred false idolatry!  And all idolatry is indeed false.  Idolatry is used to placate the soulless.  How many adult men who did not care to learn in school believe themselves to be that million dollar sports star on Sunday morning?  And by the way my father told me how to throw a football spiral so fast that people have said it almost broke their fingers.  You are no longer going to get an easy life for being complacent with evil in this country because I am not going to let you.  I have a hunch that there might be High Schools that offer sex with a woman to the player who does best in the Friday night game.
Wait no longer.  Escape the fact that you are a horrible person complacent with all other horrible people by drinking and smoking and using other million dollar drugs.  And those good people in our country make sure they need to take medicine by their early twenties.  Turn on the television right away to escape the meaning of what you have just read!
So they won’t admit what they are and I can’t make them admit it.  That would be the first step in transforming them into good people.  So the only way to prevent them from believing they are you is to harmlessly jar them back to the time and era of their rotten childhood.  Why?  So they are forced to confront that trauma and build their life on it and not yours.  They need to own their own life’s experience.  To “OWN UP TO” that and not something else.  So how can one facilitate this?   It sounds creepy but it might get the job done, wear a t-shirt that reads, “I’m coming in your room again.”
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy
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Post script:  When I was a boy I could not understand what a woman had down there that was different than what I had.  No matter how many times someone could try and explain that to me as a boy I could not understand it.  A newsstand magazine helped explain it.  Today the young have a horror shop smorgasbord of internet videos and they are tainted because of it.  We need to figure out how to explain that to boys better so they do not have misconceptions about sex with a woman that could lead them to one of the seven deadly sins.
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