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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Romney we need a new playbook not a new coach 09 01 2012

"Romney we need a new playbook not a new coach." 09 01 2012

"Josh Mandel to make that happen?"  Don't commit yourself to changing the Constitution you are to be sworn in to protect the sanctity of; that is cheating Romney.

Kids and teachers first and teachers union behind.  (That is not the problem Romney the problem is rampant evil, in terms of drugs, crime, and soul theft hiding behind the facade of religion.

Let's see Romney's father was in the Automotive business and he wanted the car companies- the heart of American manufacturing to fail?  He needs to expand on his idea and clarify it.  By letting them fail did he really mean making that very clever financial mark whereby all the blue collar workers who worked so hard for AMERICA lost their pensions.

I mean you have had political power, your father was in the Automobile industry, as having been given political power you have had plenty of time to offer solutions to the Automobile industry in this country, the heart of our manufacturing sector.

Mitt I almost want to blame the lack of fuel efficient cars, the oil crisis to fuel them, and our manufacturing sector decline squarely on your shoulders.  As the son of a Automobile businessman you should have been more than you are already, but you weren't.  I scratch my head and look at you who claims to be a numbers guy and say, "You don't add up."

What Romney needed to talk about when per my memory he wanted the automotive companies to go out of business is what we call a continuity plan for American manufacturing workers.  That would be responsible use of the podium as would be telling us how you intend to create 12 million jobs.  If you didn't pull the number out of the dirty air you keep staring up at then you would have some specifics you could tell us.  No one buys into hollow promises without substance and nor should they Mitt.  You had plenty of time to talk at that podium so why not provide details.  It is not as I fear; you are not the  part of your operation that knows the details.

In order to value every employee in a company and their rights we need to ditch the limited liability structure of corporations in favor of a new type of company called a Democratic Company.  A Democratic Company would be of the structure of profit sharing where every employee is familiar with all the operations and has the ability to provide input into how to make it a better corporation; do you know what that is Mitt?  That is called a team.  And a team is far different than a cadre of silver spoon country club trust fund brats.

That's all I can listen to.  I am turning on the classical station.

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